ReviveHealth is rebranding as Revive, and will shift its brand direction with a new visual identity, website and brand messaging. The agency says it made a conscious effort to drop “health” from its name in response to research indicating that the word sometimes invoked a perception of insider status. “We’ve found that when some people hear ‘Health’ in our name, it makes them think of the traditional associations with healthcare that we are fighting to transform,” said Revive CEO Joanne Thornton. “Our work and the experience we provide our clients and employees transcend the limitations conveyed by a "Health" agency—and we need our name to reflect that." Founded in 2009, Revive was acquired in 2016 by Weber Shandwick, and has over 140 employees in offices in Nashville, Minneapolis Boston, and Santa Barbara.


North Sixth Group makes a strategic investment in RepSpert, which provides online reputation management solutions and services. Established in Australia, RepSpert has worked with more than 600 SMEs, large-scale organizations, personal brands and public figures across a range of industries, including restaurants, hospitality, healthcare, automotive, e-commerce and retail, and B2B and professional services. Its suite of services includes review sites, online forums and search engines. “North Sixth Group will be an important strategic partner for us with networking, business strategy, operating support, sales and marketing and critical growth initiatives,” said RepSert CEO and co-founder Edward Godfrey, CEO and Co-Founder of RepSpert. North Sixth Group chairman Matt Rizzetta said that he believes RepSpert is “strategically positioned to become a global leader.”

Jennifer Polito
Jennifer Polito

Jenerate PR opens an office in Costa Mesa, CA, adding to its locations in Las Vegas and Hawaii. The agency, which specializes in luxury retail and real estate, food and beverage, and sustainability businesses, has already represented several California clients. Its offerings include media relations, strategic partnerships, content development, branding strategies and creative services. “This expansion is another pivotal move for our agency and we are ready to take on the next phase of our evolution,” said Jenerate PR CEO and founder Jennifer Polito.