Edelman has signed a six-month contract worth $1.3M to launch, build and maintain the Neom Tech and Digital brand of Saudi Arabia’s $500B city of the future project.

The No. 1 independent firm is to promote Neom Tech and Digital, which was introduced at the Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh on Oct. 26-28, in the US, UK, China, Singapore and India under its agreement that runs through March 31.

It is charged with developing “media-focused messaging, its executives and its suite of solutions being launched” and “creating and implementing a full media engagement activation that includes strategy across media and across audience targets (including investors, business partners, government, customers by verticals, public).”

Edelman also will consult with the client on positioning Neom Tech & Digital vis-a-vis competitors and handle events.

The contract carries an option to extend for another six-month period.

Neom is the linchpin of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s effort to diversify the economy of the country.