Spring Associates has released the 2022 edition of its Official PR Salary & Bonus Report, which presents newly updated information about PR compensation across the country.

The report lists salary ranges for both agencies and corporations, as well as breaking down the numbers on a regional and city-by-city basis. The regions covered include the northeast, southeast, midwest, southwest and west. Metropolitan areas covered include New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Houston, San Francisco and Washington, DC.

In addition to current year data, the report compares compensation figures to those of last year and provides a compensation analysis.

The reports are compiled from Spring Associates’ proprietary database of more than 20,000 PR and corporate communications executives who have met its criteria for being included. The company stresses that none of the data is collected via salary surveys, which it says can include unvetted responses.

Salary ranges are further cross-referenced with six of the most commonly used PR titles (from account executive and communications specialist through executive vice president) and nine specialties (consumer, corporate/financial, health/medical/pharmaceutical, high-tech, Industry/B2B, internal communications, investor relations, public/government affairs and social media).

“The trifecta of the pandemic, inflation and 6.3 million jobs going unfilled continues to have a major impact on wages, employee retention and benefits,” said Spring Associates president Dennis Spring. “PR people and businesses are struggling to keep up with all these issues just to stay profitable.”