Don Beyer
Don Beyer

Congressman Don Beyer has introduced a bill to support online literacy and educate Americans on how to spot disinformation and misinformation.

The Educating Against Misinformation and Disinformation Act is inspired by a program in Finland that teaches students from K-12 to identify propaganda from neighboring Russia.

The bill would establish a national commission to analyze the status of education and mis/disinformation, report how it is spread and establish a grant program to improve America’s resilience to fake news.

The Dept. of Education would report about the commission’s effectiveness three years after the bill is signed into law.

The Virginia Democrat said Russia’s misinformation campaign regarding the invasion of Ukraine shines a bright light on America’s need to defend itself against the threat posed by these malign influence operations.

“We must do more to build up our public defense to meet the needs of the present era of information warfare,” he said in introducing the bill on March 8.