While Texas has seen its share of unfavorable media coverage recently, a new national survey from Crosswind Media & Public Relations says that the state still has a favorable image with a significant share of Americans.

More than a quarter of those surveyed (27 percent) said they have a “very positive view of Texas,” with 18 percent saying their opinion of the Lone Star State was “somewhat positive.”

On the other end, 17 percent said they have a “very negative” view of the state and 14 percent said their take on Texas was “somewhat negative.” Almost a quarter (21 percent) said their stance about the state was neutral.

A slight majority of respondents said they had a positive view of the state as place to start a businesss (53 percent) or raise a family (52 percent).

Texas study

However, the survey found that minority and millennial respondents actually had a more positive view of the state in some areas than did the sample at large, with 65 percent of Black respondents and 60 percent of Hispanics labeling Texas as a good place to do business.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Republicans were bullish on the Texas business climate, with 71 percent calling it a good place to do business, far outpacing the number of Democrats (43 percent) or unaffiliated voters (41 percent) who had that opinion.

Republicans also had a sunnier view of the state’s future, with 60 percent saying they think the state is headed in the right direction. Almost an equal number of Democrats (58 percent) said they think the state is headed down the wrong path.

Crosswind’s study, conducted on July 11 and 12, asked 845 non-Texas adults to share their opinions about the state.