Wiggin and Dana

Wiggin and Dana is repping Ahmad Feroz Bakhshi, an Afghan national who served as an interpreter for the US military in Afghanistan, in his bid to obtain a special immigrant visa.

Bakhshi fled Afghanistan following the US military withdrawal from the country and the ensuing takeover of the government by the Taliban.

He is currently in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Working on a pro bono basis, the New Haven law firm will contact the State Dept. members of Congress and other US entities to inform them of Bakhshi’s exemplary service to America’s war effort.

It also will conduct outreach to US media to draw attention to Bakhshi’s efforts to gain entry to the US.

The Emergency Security Supplemental Appropriation Act, which went into effect July 30, 2021, authorized an additional 8,000 SIVs for Afghan nationals.

A total of 34,500 SIVs have been issued since December 19, 2014.