Andrey Liscovich
Andrey Liscovich

Andrey Liscovich, former CEO of Uber Works staffing agency, has signed on as an unpaid advisor to the Government of Ukraine.

He plans to lobby US decisionmakers to secure the purchase of non-lethal military equipment to aid Ukraine in its defense against the Russian invasion.

Liscovich is a native of Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine. He attended Moscow University before getting a PhD from Harvard University.

He left San Francisco in March and returned to his hometown and enlisted in Ukraine’s volunteer army to fight the Russians.

Liscovich soon realized that his high-tech background and supply chain management experience could be put to better use.

He co-created the Ukraine Defense Fund, which has raised more than $4.5M to buy/distribute boots, clothing, radios, helmets, body armor and food for the volunteer army.

Liscovich is coordinating his lobbying efforts with with major general Yevken Stepanenko, who is commander of Ukraine’s communications and cyber security forces.

His goal is to create positive PR and sympathetic media coverage surrounding the ongoing defense of Ukraine.

Liscovich also served as Uber's head of special projects, consumer data science; VP-data science at Shuddie; technology director at RA Capital Management; and teaching fellow at Harvard.