Samsung Electronics has hired Mercury Public Affairs for government relations and advocacy services.

The Omnicom unit also will advise the South Korea-based giant on how to promote its commercial interests via international events

The one-year contract, which went into effect on Nov. 1, is worth $40K a month.

Samsung, which produces a line of semiconductors in the People’s Republic of China, got caught up in the Biden administration’s sanctions slapped on China’s semiconductor industry. It received a one-year waiver on sanctions.

Mercury is representing Samsung on a non-exclusive basis. It may perform similar services for other clients that are competitors to Samsung, according to the contract between the two parties.

The PR firm, though, is precluded from using Samsung’s name, logo, trademark or service marks on any advertising or publicity releases without permission from the client.

Mercury has former Connecticut Congressman Toby Moffett handling the Samsung business.