Robert Booker Baer
Robert Booker Baer

Robert Booker Baer, who worked as a CIA case officer for more than 20 years, is providing consulting services to Ukraine’s military intelligence services on a pro-bono basis.

He will conduct outreach to Congress and members of the US intelligence agencies, help Ukraine navigate the arms purchase process and make public realtime geolocation of Russian spies as part of a psychological operations campaign, according to his FARA filing.

Baer, who speaks eight languages, worked CIA field assignments in India, Lebanon, Syria, Sudan, France, Morocco, the former Yugoslavia and Iraq.

He earned the CIA Career Intelligence Medal “for exceptional achievements that substantially contributed to the mission of the Agency.”

Baer, who is 70, serves as an intelligence columnist for Time and security analyst for CNN. He has contributed to Vanity Fair, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post.

Baer’s 2003 book about his CIA experience, See No Evil, was the basis for the film, “Syriana.” George Clooney played the role of Baer in that 2005 movie.