Second Floor

Thomas Isen and Alex Yudelson, veterans of Joe Biden’s White House, have launched Second Floor Advisors strategic communications and impact engagement shop.

Isen served as liaison between the President and his Cabinet, while Yudelson was executive secretary of the Domestic Policy Council.

Prior to joining Team Biden, Isen held a variety of communications, marketing and business development roles in the fashion, beauty and retail space at Charlotte Tilbury personal care products marketer and Dr. Barbara Sturm.

Yudelson served in the Obama administration as the president’s outreach person to sports teams, leagues, and athletes. He also was chief of staff for government of Rochester (NY), overseeing more than 3K employees and managing intergovernmental affairs.

Second Floor Advisors will help clients navigate today’s fraught political landscape and leverage their platforms to create positive change with an emphasis on consensus building.

“Knowing when (and when not) to respond to societal issues, what verticals to utilize, who to speak to, and what tone to strike will be questions companies face more and more in our polarized world,” said Isen, “Companies will have to make fast decisions whether to respond to the real world within which they are operating, with little room for error.”