The Boundless Life Sciences Group, part of the Next Practices Group, launches Boundless AI, a new agency centered on how AI will reinvent marketing. Boundless AI is being led by Tim O’Sullivan, who has served as a principal at Capgemini Invent and VP, account director at Real Chemistry’s 21GRAMS unit. The new agency will work to build AI-enabled services and solutions, combining the current innovations being carried out by NPG Healthcare’s data science, media, analytics and AI modeling teams. “Innovation requires having the right ingredients and the expertise to accompany it,” said NPG founder and CEO Bob Pearson. “The future of healthcare innovation requires equal knowledge of science, software, security and storytelling to create meaningful products and services.”


Matter Communications is sponsoring a Sept. 7 webinar that will focus on helping brands stand out and authentically connect with Gen Z consumers, the largest, most racially and ethnically diverse generation, with an unprecedented $360 billion in spending power. “Reaching Gen Z: The New Rules of Consumer PR” will uncover several behaviors that Gen Zers share when it comes to media consumption, brand loyalty and spending power. It will be led by Matter EVP Matt Mendolera-Schamann and account director Katie Young. The webinar runs from 12 to 12:30 p.m. and there is no charge.

Karolyn Raphael
Karolyn Raphael

Winger Marketing president Karolyn Raphael is named director of public relations for the American Marketing Association Chicago. Raphael previously served as VP of communications for the organization's volunteer board of directors. Raphael will lead AMA Chicago’s public relations campaign and Winger Marketing will execute the campaign strategies as an in-kind sponsor. "We are grateful for Karolyn's continued service to the board of directors of AMA Chicago," said the organization’s executive director, Bonnie Massa. "She has demonstrated a willingness to volunteer her time, talents and leadership to continue developing marketers individually and as a larger profession." AMA Chicago provides ongoing development opportunities for Chicagoland marketers to expand knowledge, improve skills, and grow careers through access to innovative marketing thought leaders and cutting-edge programming.