Cheri Bustos, the former Illinois Congresswoman who co-chairs Mercury Public Affairs’ DC office, and son, Nick, represent the Renewable Fuels Assn. as it works to make the sale of E15 ethanol gas available throughout the year.

The Environmental Protection Agency had banned the sale of E15 gas during summertime due to concerns that it contributes to smog during warm weather.

The Biden administration temporarily lifted the ban this past summer and supports year-round sales beginning in 2024. The president, though, conceded that only a few thousand gas pumps currently offer ethanol fuel.

The five-term Democratic Congresswoman, who also heads Mercury Public Affairs’ midwestern region, joined the shop in January 2023.

Nick, who is based in Chicago, signed on as senior VP in May after an eight-year stint as VP-marketing at Calmer Corn Heads, a maker of agricultural machinery. He also worked in the Illinois Dept. of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.

Omnicom owns Mercury PA.