TransMedia Group is representing distinguished Native American author and orator J. Reuben Silverbird, positioning him as an ambassador for environmentally friendly brands.

J. Reuben Silverbird

TransMedia will emphasize Silverbird’s right as a Native American to ask questions such as “why poison my land and harm my people when there are more natural ways to solve problems like mosquitoes that won’t stress what we hold sacred--our environment?”

The son of a Nedhni Apache Wise Man and Cherokee Medicine Woman who became highly recognized and praised thespians, singers and musicians throughout the Southwest, Silverbird puts on his own one-man shows, playing guitar, flute and percussive instruments while singing original compositions.

Silverbird has also spoken at leading universities such as Columbia and Stanford.

Transmedia will also emphasize Silverbird’s attachment to the United Nations as an NGO and his service as one of its Ambassadors who speaks on behalf of “Love and Peace Throughout the World Today.”

“His subjects are intertwined with words of wisdom, and always a touch of humor he learned from his father by sitting in as a child and listening to him speak on delicate religious issues with bishops and other Catholic clergy, as well as discussing politics with leading legislators,” said TransMedia Group president Adrienne Mazzone.