I rooted for the heroine, played by Gal Gadot, with a fist-pump in the air even though the climactic action scenes at the end were way too long and the film itself strained credibility.

It has been a box office smash, grossing $103 million domestically and $228M worldwide in its first week, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Wonder Woman movie posters

The film, directed by Patty Jenkins, is the 15th superhero film to top $100 million in its domestic launch, according to HR. Others were Marvel's The Avengers ($207 million); Avengers: Age of Ultron ($191.3 million), Captain America: Civil War ($179.1 million), Iron Man 3 ($174 million) and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice ($166 million). 

Previous record-holder for top opening for a female movie director was Sam Taylor-Johnson's Fifty Shades of Grey. It grossed $93 million over the four-day Valentine's Day/Presidents Day weekend in 2015.

Movie Is a Positive Experience for Women

Wonder Woman is endowed with great strength, superpowers and magical weapons. She is the protector of the innocent, the beautiful and the good. Her duty is to bring peace to the world.

The movie provides a positive experience for women and makes me wonder why it has taken more than 75 years for a female superhero to be the star of a film.

Wonder Woman billboard in Tel Aviv, IsraelPicture of billboard promoting the Wonder Woman movie in Tel Aviv, Israel featured in Washington Post story.

Author William Moulton Marston, a psychologist, has said that the character he created was intended to “set up a standard among children and young people of strong, free, courageous womanhood and to combat the idea that women are inferior to men.”

Only seven percent of the 250 to domestic-grossing films in 2016 were directed by women. The number was higher, but not by much, for high-ranking roles on films such as producers, editors, writers and cinematographers. Only 17% of such roles were filled by women.

Gadot was born and raised in Rosh Haayim, Israel, and was “Miss Israel” at 18. Her grandfather survived Auschwitz. As an Israeli citizen, she served two years in the Defense Forces as a
combat trainer.

Journalist Heather Robinson wrote in the New York Post June 9 that the film "brings together both men and women from all backgrounds and critics in praise." She praised the "compassion and determination" of Wonder Woman.  

“Israel’s in love with its homegrown Wonder Woman,” headlined the Washington Post.

WP reporter Sarah Pulliam Bailey wrote June 7 that “The Jewish identity of Wonder Woman’s star is causing a stir.”