China’s BlueFocus International and Cogint Inc. data analytics shop combined selected assets to form a global marketing services group, which they say will begin life with more than $400M annual revenues.

Holly ZhengHolly Zheng

BlueFocus, which has its US headquarters in Mountain View, CA, contributes its Vision7 International unit of Citizen Relations, Vision7Media, Cossette, The Camps Collective as well as We Are Social and owns 63 percent of the unnamed venture to be listed on the NASDAQ.

Cogint adds its New York-based Fluent performance marketing platform and gets a 37 percent ownership stake.

Holly Zheng, CEO of BFI, said in a statement that clients want “more transparency, accuracy and clear-measured ROI when carrying out marketing.”

She said the Cogint hook-up will “create a new kind of marketing services company, in line with BlueFocus’ overall vision of building an intelligent branding communication group globally.”