Chris Moyer
Chris Moyer

Chris Moyer, who served as deputy communications director for California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, has joined NYU Law’s State Energy & Environmental Impact Center.

Formed in August, the Center’s mission is to assist state attorneys general fight the Trump White House’s proposals rolling back climate/environmental protection and fostering clean energy development.

Prior to joining Becarra's team, Moyer worked for the Hillary for America campaign in Ohio, served as communications director for the American Gaming Assn. and spent four years as Senate staffer for Majority Leader Harry Reid and North Carolina’s Kay Hagan.

He began his career in the press shop of former Boston Mayor Tom Menino.

David Hayes, ex-deputy secretary of the Dept. of the Interior under Presidents Clinton and Obama, heads the Center, which is funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Bruce Babbitt, Clinton’s Interior Secretary and former Arizona Governor, sits on the Center’s advisory council.