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Wed., Aug. 3, 2016
After the Democratic and Republican Conventions
By Robert Dilenschneider
Robert DilenschneiderThe Democratic and Republican conventions are now history. Here are some views that are intended to supplement what you have already read and seen.
Category: Public Affairs Commentary
Fri., Jul. 29, 2016
Pride on Display in Primaries, Conventions, Media
By Arthur Solomon
arthur solomonIn our PR world, as in the political and corporate universes, excessive pride often propels people up the ladder.
Category: Public Affairs Commentary
Fri., Jul. 29, 2016
Clinton’s 'Safe' VP Play is Her Riskiest Move So Far
By Jon Gingerich
Kaine and ClintonIn an unconventional election cycle, Hillary Clinton's decision to sidestep theatrics and look instead at the larger picture is a risky move mistakenly characterized by the masses as business-as-usual politics.
Category: Public Affairs Commentary
Tue., Jul. 5, 2016
Navigating the New Populism
By Jon Gingerich
EU Flag

Donald Trump

Similarities between Donald Trump’s rise and Britain’s Brexit vote have been pointed out countless times by the media, but no one is discussing why the people behind these movements are so angry in the first place.
Category: Public Affairs Commentary
Fri., Jul. 1, 2016
Happy 4th of July to Our Readers
By Robert Dilenschneider
Robert L. DilenschneiderThis year on July 4, we celebrate the 240th anniversary of the birth of our nation with the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
Category: Public Affairs Commentary
Mon., Jun. 27, 2016
How Johnson Can Press Post-Brexit Advantage
By Ronn Torossian
Ronn TorossianAs it stands, the Prime Minister’s position is Boris Johnson’s to lose.
Category: Public Affairs Commentary
Mon., Jun. 27, 2016
Leaders are Determined by Response to Tragedy
By Joe Honick

Joe HonickA true statesman refrains from issuing bragging rights and instead demonstrates a capacity to understand human needs.

Category: Public Affairs Commentary
Wed., Jun. 15, 2016
Donald Trump’s Dangerous Narcissism
By Joe Honick

Joe HonickAn examination of the personality disorder motivating Donald Trump’s behavior. (4 reader comments)

Category: Public Affairs Commentary
Tue., Jun. 7, 2016
Saying Goodbye to Bernie Sanders
By Jon Gingerich
Bernie SandersBernie Sanders’ legion of supporters were outraged by the media’s decision on Monday evening to project Hillary Clinton the presumptive Democratic nominee, one day before polls opened in several late primary contests. (1 reader comment)
Category: Public Affairs Commentary
Tue., May 31, 2016
When Party Politics Supersedes National Interest
By Joe Honick
Joe HonickPowerful critics from the Republican party have come to terms with the idea that party is more important than principle. (2 reader comments)
Category: Public Affairs Commentary
Fri., May 27, 2016
Memorial Day 2016: A Moment to Praise, Think and Remember
By Robert Dilenschneider
Robert L. DilenschneiderThis is a day when we honor our military and our fallen heroes—brave men and women who fought and died so readers of this essay can enjoy the freedom we all too often take for granted. (1 reader comment)
Category: Public Affairs Commentary
Thu., May 26, 2016
How Will the World Respond to ‘President Trump?’
By Joe Honick
Joe HonickDonald Trump has introduced himself as a virtual emperor who will single-handedly change the course of American history. (3 reader comments)
Category: Public Affairs Commentary
Fri., May 13, 2016
Media’s Failure in a Vulgar Campaign
By Joe Honick
Joe HonickThe media have exhibited an unwillingness to address the real issues and have relinquished their responsibility to demand presidential candidates’ accountability.
Category: Public Affairs Commentary
Fri., Apr. 15, 2016
Bernie Sanders: Just Another Politician
By Joe Honick
Joe HonickSadly, in this most vulgar of campaigns, Sanders’ descent to ordinary politician is most discouraging. (2 reader comments)
Category: Public Affairs Commentary
Fri., Apr. 1, 2016
Why We’re Stuck with Turkey
By Joe Honick
Joe HonickWe are now only publicly beginning to learn that our so called NATO “ally” is no real friend at all. (5 reader comments)
Category: Public Affairs Commentary
Mon., Mar. 21, 2016
The McConnell Doctrine: Don’t Bother Me With the Facts
By Joe Honick
Joe HonickThis pretty well sums up the thinking — or lack thereof — of the person who leads the United State Senate and is charged with reviewing nominations to the Supreme Court. (5 reader comments)
Category: Public Affairs Commentary
Fri., Mar. 18, 2016
Post-Tuesday Primary View from Washington
By Robert Dilenschneider
Robert L. DilenschneiderThe legislative process is almost completely stalled in a way we haven’t seen for some time. (1 reader comment)
Category: Public Affairs Commentary
Tue., Mar. 15, 2016
Trump = Charles Lindbergh Resurrected
By Joe Honick
Joe HonickOne need only analyze Donald Trump’s rhetoric that aims to “make America great again” to see where our loud Presidential candidate aims to take the nation.
Category: Public Affairs Commentary
Mon., Mar. 14, 2016
The Emerging Crisis of Political Correctness
By Rene Henry
Rene HenryAn increasing number of companies, organizations and institutions are being called to accommodate people who are now offended for any reason.
Category: Public Affairs Commentary
Mon., Mar. 14, 2016
The Anti-PR Presidential Candidate
By Fraser Seitel
Fraser SeitelIt’s now inevitable. Despite the great trepidation of Republican leaders and reasonable-thinking people everywhere, Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for President.
Category: Public Affairs Commentary
Mon., Feb. 29, 2016
PR’s Role in One of the Most Embarrassing Campaigns in Memory
By Joe Honick
Joe HonickMany of the proposals our politicians are presenting, and the ways in which they are brought forth, are simply embarrassing.
Category: Public Affairs Commentary
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Tue., Oct. 25
NBC Doubling Down on Buzzfeed
By Ronn Torossian
Ronn Torossian

Tue., Oct. 25
The Problem with Cable TV Political Coverage
By Arthur Solomon
arthur solomon

Tue., Oct. 25
Leveraging Technology to Shape Health Messaging
By John Carnett
John Carnett

Mon., Oct. 24
Redefining Success: a Timeless Debate
By Stephanie DeViteri
Stephanie DeViteri

Mon., Oct. 24
Trump Fails Presidential Character Test, Bigly
By Bodine Williams
Bodine Williams

Fri., Oct. 21
Missed Opportunity of the 2016 Al Smith Dinner
By Patrick Hirigoyen
Patrick Hirigoyen

Fri., Oct. 21
It’s Not What You Know, But Who You Know
By Loren Antonio Duran
Loren Antonio Duran

Fri., Oct. 21
Defenders of the Healthcare Brand
By Lisa Kersey
Lisa Kersey

Thu., Oct. 20
Healthy Reputations Essential in Healthcare
By Gil Bashe &
Kristie Kuhl
Gil BasheKristie Kuhl

Wed., Oct. 19
Understanding the Executive Power of the President
By Robert Dilenschneider
Robert Dilenschneider

Wed., Oct. 19
PR Lessons From the Political Campaign
By Arthur Solomonarthur solomon

Wed., Oct. 19
Keeping Pace in an Evolving Marketplace
By Dan Martin
Dan Martin

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