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Show Biz Journalism

Tue, Aug. 1, 2017

By Arthur Solomon

Arthur Solomon Today’s cable political TV coverage is similar to a flawed theatrical production, which consistently but falsely advertises “breaking news” as a means of providing a plot that appeals to Americans across the country. (7 reader comments)

The Economist Slaps PR for Exporting Spin

Mon, Jul. 31, 2017

By Kevin McCauley

The EconomistThe Economist slaps Bell Pottinger and PR profession for exporting spin to Africa, but not all PR snake oil is sent overseas.

Journalists' Worst Enemies? Journalists

Wed, Jul. 26, 2017

By Arthur Solomon

Arthur Solomon Journalists have aided the Trump White House by attending and reporting on staged, non-informative press briefings and offering little aside from the same predictable talking points. (4 reader comments)

Captain Trump Throws Sessions Overboard

Tue, Jul. 25, 2017

By Joe Honick

Joe HonickCaptain Trump remains fixated on the election of eight months ago, leaving the nation clueless about his plan to navigate the ship of state through choppy waters ahead. (4 reader comments)

Trump: President of the 25 Percent

Mon, Jul. 17, 2017

By Kevin McCauley

Washingto Post article by Philip Bump: Trum and his base live in a bubble where he's popular and all is wellDonald Trump has demolished the civics class notion that a President represents all Americans. His political survival depends on feeding hard-core supporters (25% of America) whoppers and things they want to believe are true. (1 reader comment)

Has Chris Christie Stopped Caring?

Mon, Jul. 10, 2017

By Ronn Torossian

Ronn TorossianChris Christie’s latest PR misstep could have implications for his future political aspirations after he leaves the New Jersey Governor’s office next year. (4 reader comments)

‘Dark Money’ Justice

Fri, Jul. 7, 2017

By Joe Honick

Joe HonickWe would like to think of the Supreme Court as apart from the more corruptive elements of politics. But if you still think that way, you are indeed naïve. (1 reader comment)

Demeaning Tweets: The New National Pastime

Wed, Jul. 5, 2017

By Arthur Solomon

Arthur Solomon The White House's spokespersons and their press briefings have been responsible for sinking the believability of communications professionals to an all-time low.

US View on Torture Goes Under Microscope

Fri, Jun. 30, 2017

By Joe Honick

Joe HonickThe tragic return of the young American student tortured by North Korea provides an opportunity for US to look at its own view of abuse. (1 reader comment)

Political Leaks You Never Heard About

Thu, Jun. 29, 2017

By Arthur Solomon

Arthur Solomon A list of some recent ”leaks” from Democratic and Republican politicos the national media never told you about.

Never Too Late to Invoke Eisenhower's Warning

Thu, Jun. 22, 2017

By Joe Honick

Joe HonickIn turning over power to the Pentagon to determine both strategy and assignment of American forces to Afghanistan, President Trump has abdicated his responsibilities as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

Democrats Need to Retool PR Shop

Wed, Jun. 21, 2017

By Kevin McCauley

Jon OssoffFollowing tough Congressional losses in Georgia and South Carolina, it’s time for the Democrats to retool their communications shop. (4 reader comments)

Mass Shooting Lesson Lost on GOP Victims

Wed, Jun. 21, 2017

By Kevin Foley

Kevin FoleyAfter the horrific shooting of the Majority Whip on a Virginia ballfield, not one Republican Congressman asked how it came to pass that a crackpot living out of his van could possess such a lethal weapon, one designed for the exact purpose it was used. (8 reader comments)

Cutting Down on Vitriolic Political Talk

Mon, Jun. 19, 2017

By Arthur Solomon

Arthur Solomon NBC’s decision to provide a platform for conspiracy theorist Alex Jones underscores the media’s contributions to America’s divisive political climate. (2 reader comments)

The NRA Keeps on Spinning

Thu, Jun. 15, 2017

By Kevin McCauley

How The Left Incites Violence, Then Spins It Into Justification For More ControlAs House Majority Whip Steve Scalise remains in critical condition following yesterday’s rampage at an Alexandria baseball diamond, the National Rifle Assn. posts a “How the Left Incites Violence, Then Spins It Into Justification for More Gun Control” piece on its website. (6 reader comments)

How Cable TV Ruined Objective Political Coverage

Tue, Jun. 13, 2017

By Arthur Solomon

Arthur Solomon Cable TV’s political coverage, which disguises personal opinions and misleading information as analysis, is not only devoid of authentic and important news, but is responsible for helping cause the fissure of political discourse in America. (2 reader comments)

Ever Wonder What Congress is Doing?

Thu, Jun. 8, 2017

By Rene Henry

Rene A. Henry A recent experience that occurred while attempting to get a response from a Senator’s press office serves as a reminder for why Congress gets nothing accomplished today. (3 reader comments)

What Would Art Buchwald Do With Donald?

Wed, Jun. 7, 2017

By Joe Honick

Joe HonickThe Donald Trump Administration came too late for Art Buchwald, the late and great humorist who would have had a field day with the President.

White House’s Communications Meltdown

Fri, Jun. 2, 2017

By Jon Gingerich

Sean SpicerPressing the reset button on the White House’s communications strategy will do nothing as long as the leader they’ve been hired to serve can’t stay on message and won't even stay away from Twitter despite pleas from his staff. (4 reader comments)

Is America a Division of the Trump Corporation?

Thu, Jun. 1, 2017

By Joe Honick

Joe HonickTrump has used his legal authority to get rid of the FBI Director, but he has also installed immediate family members in senior White House roles over which Congress has no control. (4 reader comments)

Memorial Day: A Moment to Praise, Think & Remember

Mon, May 29, 2017

By Robert Dilenschneider

Robert L. DilenschneiderLet us never forget the courageous men and women who have served and sacrificed so much so we could enjoy this holiday, just as we honor those who stand duty today to keep us safe. (1 reader comment)

Beware Our Arrogance Toward China

Fri, May 26, 2017

By Joe Honick

Joe HonickWhile western arrogance and the President's poorly rehearsed tours of the Middle East and Europe have been going on, China has been making valuable and important new alliances.