The Union of Concerned Scientists is rapping CNN for inaccurate coverage of global warming, claiming one-third of its reports are misleading.

UCS on April 7 posted an “action alert” to members, encouraging them to ask CNN to “stick with the facts on climate science.”

In its analysis of 2013 analysis of climate science-related stories, CNN was sandwiched by MSNBC and Fox.

The 132 stories of MSNBC came out on top with an accuracy rate of 92 percent. Of the eight percent of “mishandled” pieces, most overstated the effects of climate change, especially warming’s link to extreme weather.

The scientists wrote off Roger Ailes’ Fox, where more than seven-in-ten (72 percent) of its 50 climate science stories were misleading.

Fox guests and hosts were most likely to dismiss the need to study climate change and criticize scientists. One positive: a UCS 2012 analysis of Fox’s weather science coverage chalked up a 93 percent misleading rating. At the very least, UCS wants Fox to separate facts and opinions about climate change.

As for CNN, UCS sees a glimmer of hope with the departure of Piers Morgan from its line-up. He was the network’s No. 1 purveyor of global warming spin, according to the UCS report.

He's remembered for featuring notorious warming deniers such as conservative political operator Grover Norquist for debates about warming. Morgan talked about the Arctic blasts that blanketed most of the continental US this winter to make his case for “global cooling.”

To the scientists, Morgan typifies the ham-fisted effort to create a false sense of balance between disinformation and credible science in order to plant a seed of confusion about warming in the public’s mind.