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Leading On a Global Scale

Mon., Feb. 12, 2024

Ken Jacobs

Ken JacobsIn this Taking The Lead segment, Dan Nestle, who’s been leading communications globally for nearly a decade, invites viewers to think about approaching leadership at a universal level. 

The Pitch of My Life

Wed., Dec. 20, 2023

Jeff Blumenfeld

Jeff BlumenfeldOver a rewarding 50-year career in public relations I’ve pitched everything from bowling to knitting, but the pitch I'll long remember is the one that recently saved my life after being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease in 2009.

Leading Through Uncertainty

Tue., Dec. 12, 2023

Ken Jacobs

Trish NicolasIn latest episode of Taking the Lead video interview, Ruder Finn's Trish Nicolas shares lessons learned for internal communicators, including leading through uncertainty, what to do when you stumble, and how to lead in this era of employee disengagement.

From Imposter Syndrome to Inspiring Leadership

Tue., Nov. 7, 2023

Ken Jacobs

Valarie De La GarzaOn Taking the Lead video podcast, Valarie De La Garza, CEO of Fenton, openly discusses how she battled imposter syndrome and societal expectations during a 100-day interim CEO role, ultimately gaining the confidence to thrive in the job.

Empathy is Having a Moment

Wed., Oct. 25, 2023

Jacqueline Kolek

Jacqueline Kolek

A culture of empathy is gaining in popularity across the business landscape. One empathetic source leaders can utilize to help build and foster a workplace that empowers, engages and motivates employees might seem unlikely at first: humor.

Laughter Drives Effective Leadership

Mon., Oct. 16, 2023

Ken Jacobs

ROI of LOL bookPeppercomm leader Steve Cody, stand-up comic and chief comedy officer Clayton Fletcher, co-authors of "The ROI of LOL," say that humor and laughter are essential in the workplace and can drive effective leadership.

Leaders Err, That's How They Learn

Thu., Sep. 21, 2023

Ken Jacobs

Anne GreenOn the newest Taking the Lead video podcast, Anne Green, the CEO-Elect of G&S Business Communications, openly discusses a mistake she made during CooperKatz’s acquisition by G&S in 2018.

Stopping Ourselves from Mattering Less

Wed., Aug. 23, 2023

Paul Oestreicher

Paul OestreicherWe need to know enough about both the humanities and science to be capable citizens. With the politicization of so many topics—vaccines, evolution, climate change, stem cells—a more roundly educated public is essential.

The Art of Ethical Persuasion

Mon., Aug. 7, 2023

Elli St. George

Elli St. GeorgeUsing emotion and biases to influence a potential client undermines trust and creates tension rather than fostering a long-lasting relationship based on honesty and mutual benefit.

Controversy: A Wild Card

Tue., Apr. 25, 2023

Jane Genova

Jane GenovaRight now even the most enthusiastic supporters of the controversy strategy should be recalculating the possible rewards and risks.

Live Your Values as a Leader

Fri., Apr. 14, 2023

Ken Jacobs

Greg MondsheinGreg Mondshein, co-founder and managing partner at communications agency SourceCode, insists it's less about what leaders say, and all about what they do, especially when it comes to values.

Aaron Sorkin and I Have an Understanding

Mon., Apr. 3, 2023

Paul Oestreicher

Paul OestreicherAaron Sorkin's new version of "Camelot," which will soon open on Broadway, will eliminate much of the magical elements of the story and get to the heart of what the centuries old tale of King Arthur and Camelot is really about.


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