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5670 Wilshire Blvd., #820, Los Angeles, CA 90036


[email protected]
IG: @wearerally
Campaign design + management; messaging & narrative change; earned media; digital engagement; multi-channel advertising; influencer mobilization; visual design & production.

Employees: 106. Founded: 2013.

Agency Statement:

Since our beginning, RALLY has been singularly focused on advocacy. Our entire business model — from our craft to our culture to the clients we partner with — is designed to drive progress around complex political, cultural, and social challenges. Our work paves the way for big ideas — the kinds of ideas that have a hand in shaping a better tomorrow. And it is the vision of a better tomorrow that anchors us, inspires us, and drives us forward. Advocacy is not our side hustle.

To advance conservation and the responsible use of public lands in the Mountain West, RALLY helped launch, and now advises, the Center for Western Priorities (CWP).

Felix Schein, pres.; Ashley Burns Nascimento, Kaitlin Funaro, Latia Curry Harrison, Jacob Hay, Hillary Moglen, Manny Rivera, Leo Wallach, principals

291 Geary St., #500
San Francisco, CA 94102

307 3rd Ave. South, #530
Seattle, WA 98104

Clients Include:

Ahsha Safaí for San Francisco Mayor
California Dept. of Public Health
California Health and Human Services
California Mortgage Relief Program
California Tobacco Control Program
Center for Biological Diversity
Education Leaders of Color
Health Leads
MLK Health Foundation
National LGBTQ+ Taskforce
Native Americans in Philanthropy
Partnership for Equity and Education Rights
Peninsula Open Space Trust
Registered Nurses Professional Assn.
Resources Legacy fund
Ship It Zero / Climate Emergency Shipping Coalition
Vulcan/Paul G. Allen Foundation

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