Paul BogaardsPaul Bogaards

Knopf PR director Paul Bogaards, describing the job in his blog, wrote, “As a publicist, you will live a life of sadness and defeat. And you will learn to cry.”

Bogaards, whose comments became the lead item in the March 30 New York Post Page Six, said he is looking for someone to step into his role because he is “tired of weeping.”

The job entails “working with the dying legacy media professionals…and other half-crazed publishing desperados,” he wrote, adding, “You will be given books to work on that have no possibility of becoming best-sellers, and yet, the expectation is that all of them will list.”

Bogaards, executive VP and executive director of publicity, Knopf Doubleday, says he has been doing the job for 30+ years and has become “a hollow shell of the man he once was.”

The publicist could survive, he advises, as long as he or she avoids committing “actionable offenses on social media…or threatening to kill someone because they wrote a bad review.”

The ad posted by Bogaards described the job as “animating authors…in the marketplace.”

Knopf Publishes Top Authors

Authors published by Knopf Doubleday include John Grisham, Margaret Atwood and Colson Whitehead among dozens of best-selling authors.

Bogaards, according to Page Six, blasted the New York Times and New Yorker but praised Keith Kelly who covers media for the Post.

Kelly always answers his phone and is “the embodiment of the old school,” wrote the Knopf PR director, calling the Post an “effective recruitment tool.”