Puerto Rico

Ketchum is promoting InvestPR, the non-profit entity established by Puerto Rico's government to attract new businesses and jobs on the island that is still recovering from Hurricane Maria.

Launched Aug. 27, Invest Puerto Rico Inc. will connect new businesses with local supplies to acquire needed goods and services.

It works in tandem with Puerto Rico's Dept. of Economic Development & Commerce and other government agencies.

Since the Hurricane, the government has passed a series of labor laws, regulatory reforms and taxes/incentives to woo private sector investors.

InvestPR will eventually assume the promotional activities of the DEDC, such as representing the island at trade shows, fielding inbound informational requests from potential investors and helping existing businesses to grow.

Ella Woger-Nieves, who has a management consulting background serves as director of operations of InvestPR.

Ketchum's Julie Crimmins works media for InvestPR.