W20 has acquired Radius Digital Science, the Montclair, NJ-based firm that calls itself a “scientific visualization” company.

The 25-member RDS team creates digital images that help people understand science, apps that explain diseases, animations that show how medical therapies work and materials that provide guidance for patients.

Staffers also are experienced with molecular visualization, UX design/programming, medical illustration, 3D animation and experiential media for presentations at scientific conferences and trade shows.

W2O has worked with RDS to “bring our clients’ science to life thorugh more dynamic and impactful digital media and evocative artistic expression,” said CEO Jim Weiss.

He said the acquisition of the firm co-founded by Michelle Peterson and Brandon Pletsch diversifies W2O’s “marketeching” toolbox and “raises the bar for how we execute on scientific creative across our suite of integrated capabilities.”

W2O is O'Dwyer's No. 1 ranked healthcare firm with fees of $168.1M in 2018.