Qatar Museums

Finn Partners has a $1.2M contract with Qatar Museums to handle communications and media relations connected to the "2022 Year of Culture" programming.

The independent firm’s Polskin Arts & Communications Counselors team will help celebrate the achievements of the Middle East, Northern Africa, and Southern Asia region with events and projects in Qatar.

Those activities will lead up to Qatar’s hosting of the FIFA World Cup, which kicks off Nov. 21 and runs through Dec. 18.

Polskin will conduct a series of virtual meetings with QM and YOC leadership to develop a comprehensive strategic communications framework.

It will develop story angles and organize media trips to Qatar for press from targeted MENA nations to cover key initiatives related to the YOC sessions.

The firm will prepare a crisis template and hammer out protocols for specific situations that may arise.

In the event of a crisis outbreak, Poleskin will carefully track executive time spent on the work and bill QM separately.

QM is charged with promoting the arts, architecture, archaeological, and heritage sites sector in Qatar and organizing cultural projects and exhibitions.

Philippa Polskin oversees a staff of 35 cultural PR pros.