Tunheim handled the Minnesota USA World Expo bid committee, which on June 21 congratulated Serbia for landing the 2027 event.

The US entry was up against Serbia, Spain, Argentina and Thailand.

“While we’re disappointed that we will not have the opportunity to host the world this time, we congratulate Serbia on its successful bid for Expo 2027,” said Bob Clark, co-chair of the bid committee.

While Minnesota did not land the prize, the two-year promotional push for the Expo put the state “on the map as a destination and as the source of an impressive legacy of medical and food system innovations,” according to John Stanoch, CEO of the bid committee.

The "Healthy People, Healthy Planet’" themed event, which was planned for Bloomington, would have been the first-ever Expo focused on global health and wellness.

“Through our meetings and presentations with the international community, we were able to focus attention on the importance of innovative and united approaches to address some of the planet’s greatest challenges,” said Stanoch.

He expects those sessions will pay dividends for Bloomington, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota and the US for years to come.

The three-month summer event is expected to draw an estimated 14M visitors to Belgrade.