Stagwell acquires Tinsel Experiential Design, a marketing and design studio focused on immersive customer experiences and experiential engagement. The studio will be part of Stagwell's Constellation Network of agencies. Tinsel will retain its brand, and its founders – Adette C. Contreras, Liz Castelli, and Erica Taylor Haskins – will remain in leadership roles. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. Started up in 2011, Tinsel has worked with such clients as Sony Music Entertainment, GitHub, Pfizer and Uber. Its offerings include environmental design, 3D renderings, and conference and corporate events experience. The firm also has expertise in the B2B technology space. "One of the main reasons we looked at Tinsel to begin with was the culture of humanity, collaboration, and creativity that shapes and guides the organization on a daily basis, making space for big ideas that have earned the agency a reputation for cutting-edge, avant garde design and creative concepts," said Constellation Network chair Justin Lewis.


Goldman Communications Group president Sherry Goldman launches “Let’s Talk PR & More!”, a weekly radio show. Each half-hour show features a conversation with an industry leader about a PR-centric topic. Topics addressed in the conversations include PR best practices, recent industry trends, case studies, the media, marketing, strategy, career development and profiles of PR pros. Let’s Talk PR & More! airs every Monday at 5pm EDT on WRHU-FM (in the greater New York City area) and is available nationally on the station’s livestream online and on most streaming devices. It is also available as a podcast on such platforms as Apple podcasts, Spotify, iHeart, and Amazon, as well as on Goldman Communications Group’s website). “I want this show to be a forum for what is important and relevant to people in the PR industry and beyond,” said Goldman.


Real Chemistry forms a strategic partnership with Writer, a generative AI platform for enterprises. Through this partnership, all Real Chemistry team members will have access to Writer. The companies will also work together to build proprietary and custom-trained generative AI functionality specific to the needs and complexities of the regulated healthcare environment. “Extending our AI investment with Writer will improve the quality of our work and open new ways to reach patients and healthcare providers with accessible, personalized content at scale, benefitting our healthcare clients and the industry as a whole,” said Real Chemistry chief technology officer Simeon Simeonov. Real Chemistry’s AI products and services portfolio also includes its proprietary Insights System with ChatGPT, advanced prompt engineering, data integration and automation capabilities.