Norman Peltz
Norman Peltz

Reevemark is representing Nelson Peltz’s Trian Fund Management as it promises to take its case directly to Walt Disney shareholders that it needs to shake up its board.

Disney CEO Bob Iger today extended an offer to Trian to meet with his company's board, but rejected its request that Peltz become a director.

Trian, which used Reevemark in last year’s bid to get Peltz a board seat, says it gave Disney an opportunity to “right the ship” but the company’s shares have tumbled $70B in value.

“Investor confidence is low, key strategic questions loom, and even Disney's CEO is acknowledging that the company's challenges are greater than previously believed,” said Trian in a statement.

Reevemark’s Paul Caminiti, Pamela Greene and Jacqueline Zuhse represent Trian, which owns about $3B in Disney stock.