FINN Health
Sharon Quntai, Richard Hatzfeld,
Mark Chataway, Christopher Nial

Finn Partners has established the "global health impact group" to offer policy, advocacy and media expertise to advance health outcomes and economic growth worldwide.

It will work closely with governments, NGOs and multinational companies.

Richard Hatzfeld, senior partner in Finn’s DC office; Mark Chataway, managing partner in the EMEA region; and Christopher Nial, EMEA senior partner, co-lead the new unit.

Hatzfeld noted that “improving health is a gateway for growth and prosperity in the markets that will fuel the global economy in the coming decades.”

"The creation of global health impact epitomizes how Finn sees the future of solving health challenges in emerging markets or underserved communities," he told O'Dwyer's. "Instead of taking a siloed approach, we leverage experts who are deeply connected in local markets and connect them with an array of specialists across our global practices."

The group will initially focus on public policy and communications support for routine immunization & new vaccine development, water & sanitation, healthcare system infrastructure, climate change impact, pandemic preparedness and maternal & child health.

It will operate at a global scale, covering about 100 nations including nearly every country in Africa, according to Hatzfeld.

Sharon Quntai, Finn's Nairobi-based East Africa specialist, said the firm has the expertise to support the communications requirements wherever public health and business growth priorities converge.

"In this region, successfully supporting population health is far more than a ‘feel-good effort," Quntai said. "It is essential to deliver the growth and stability that are the stakes for fostering continued foreign investment and home-grown innovation.”

Chataway said that AI and big data tools are being adopted fast across emerging economies. "Companies and organizations need to keep up because these changes will come to Europe and North America too," he added.