Ronn Torrossian
Ronn Torossian

In today's ever-changing consumer market, it's vital for businesses of all shapes and sizes to understand the factors that sway consumer spending decisions. Public relations, more than just a world of press releases and media events, has a surprisingly significant hand in directing consumer spending decisions.

Creating brand image and trust

At the heart of consumer PR is its power to mold brand image and cultivate trust with consumers. Successful consumer PR campaigns are more than mere promotion. They craft a gripping brand narrative, showcasing a product’s values, mission and dedication to social responsibility.

This storytelling connects emotionally with consumers, building a bond with the brand’s identity. For example, a company that’s committed to sustainability, through shrewd PR efforts, could highlight its green practices, alliances with environmental groups and efforts to lower its carbon footprint.

This kind of communication around sustainability not only strikes a chord with eco-conscious consumers but also forges trust by aligning the brand’s actions with its values. As a result, consumers are more confident in the brand and more likely to pick its products over the competition.

News stories and brand recognition

Positive media coverage is essential in any thriving PR strategy, especially in our information-soaked age. PR experts tirelessly work to achieve news features, reviews and social media mentions for their clients. Such placements accomplish two things. They boost brand visibility by reaching a broader audience, and they lend the brand legitimacy and credibility.

When consumers see a brand highlighted in a trusted publication or receiving glowing reviews, it shifts their perception. This exposure subtly shines a favorable light on the brand, gently nudging consumers to think about the brand when deciding what to buy.

Influencer marketing for social proof

With the surge of social media, the world has entered a new epoch of influencer marketing, often driven by PR. Influencers, those with large social media followings, have a significant sway over consumer choices.

Their endorsements can hugely impact purchasing choices, especially among the younger crowd. PR pros work hand in hand with relevant influencers to produce engaging content that weaves in the brand’s message. This strategy taps into the trust consumers have in influencers, resulting in a positive brand perception and influencing buying decisions.

Overcoming crises while keeping consumer trust

Beyond building positive brand stories, PR’s role also extends to stormier times. When a brand faces negative press or a crisis, PR pros swing into action, managing the situation effectively. This involves open communication with the public, honestly addressing concerns and rectifying any problems.

Successful crisis management is critical in limiting damage to the brand image and keeping consumer trust intact. By showing transparency and accountability, PR pros can keep a crisis from spiraling and chipping away at consumer trust. This action helps safeguard the brand image, ensuring consumer spending habits remain stable or bounce back after a crisis.

Guiding public opinion

While it may be less obvious, PR can gently guide public opinion on specific issues or trends. This is particularly true in hot topics like sustainability, health or technology, where public perception directly impacts consumer choices.

PR pros often collaborate with experts, thought leaders and relevant organizations to promote specific viewpoints. By guiding public conversation, PR can subtly steer consumer choices towards products or services that align with the promoted ideas.


Ronn Torossian is Chairman of 5WPR, which ranks No. 12 on O'Dwyer's Rankings of PR Firms