Abandon traditional content plans focused on a linear buyer progression and instead embrace a consumer journey where no matter which direction they travel, they get what they need, stressed marketing pro Ashley Faus during "The Funnel is Dead, Use a Playground Instead" webinar Apr. 2 moderated by Researchscape's Tony Cheevers.

Faus focused on the flawed, company-centric view of the audience journey that assumes every time someone consumes content or engages on a website that they’re immediately a prospect with a natural progression to a lead and a sale.

"What you’re striving for is an environment where people can enter and exit as they please and your job is to keep them entertained, empowered, educated and delighted on a journey that’s so smart and seamless that no matter which way they travel, they get what they need," Faus said.

Faus' playground mindset puts the audience and what they need ahead of a company's products and services

“The traditional marketing funnel breaks because it’s basically focused only on short term sales and short term revenue,” Faus said.

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