Ketchum is handling media relations in the US and promoting Turkey as a desirable place for business investment, on behalf of the Turkish Exporters' Assembly.

The Omnicom unit also will arrange meetings and interviews with academics, authors and business leaders with TEA representatives focusing on Turkey.

Relations between the US and Turkey have been fraught with tension following the April beating of protestors in Washington by bodyguards of Turkish strongman Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and US support for Syrian Kurdish forces that Erdogan considers terrorists.

The US and Turkey had tightened visa requirements, but both sides dropped those restrictions at the end of 2017.

TEA chairman Mehmet Büyükekşi projects a record year for Turkish exports in 2018, buoyed by growth in international trade and favorable policies advocated by Erdogan.

The European Union, led by Germany, UK and Italy, accounted for nearly half of Turkey's exports in 2017.

The automotive, machinery, jewelry, defense/aviation and fruits/vegetables sectors paced exports.