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BackBay Handles Economist Event

Wed, Jun. 14, 2017

By Kevin McCauley

The Economist - Impact Investing ConferenceBackBay Communications is handling tomorrow's Impact Investing conference sponsored The Economist at London's Glaziers Hall.

WPP Reports Revenue, Profit Up

Wed, Jun. 7, 2017

By Kevin McCauley

Sir Martin SorrellWPP CEO Martin Sorrell reported today that revenue (Jan.-April) rose 15.9 percent to $6.3B, while profit ran “well above budget and ahead of last year.”

Vivendi Buys 60% Havas Stake

Wed, Jun. 7, 2017

By Kevin McCauley

VivendiVivendi is buying the 60 percent stake Bollore Group owns in Havas, the French advertising/PR combine, for $2.5B.

Limiting Risk on Loan Guarantees

Wed, Apr. 26, 2017

By Richard Goldstein

Richard GoldsteinA primer on personal loan guarantees, a fundamental financial reality that will likely affect most PR firms at one time or another.

Gould+Partners Conducts PR Benchmarking Study

Tue, Feb. 14, 2017

By Editorial Staff

Gould+PartnersM&A expert Gould+Partners is calling for responses to its survey which analyzes key factors affecting PR firm profitability and shows what can be done to maximize bottom line and firm value.  Deadline is Mar. 24.

Selling Your PR Firm

Mon, Feb. 6, 2017

By Rich Jachetti

Rich JachettiThere are certain mistakes a seller must avoid at a first meeting with a buyer. (1 reader comment)

Taxes and Identity Theft

Tue, Nov. 29, 2016

By Richard Goldstein

Richard GoldsteinA rise in identity theft and the ability to hack into computers has resulted in more personal income tax returns being rejected as “already filed” than ever before.

Tax Reform and Trump

Thu, Nov. 17, 2016

By Richard Goldstein

Richard GoldsteinWith a Republican Congress and incoming Republican President, some form of tax reform appears imminent.

Part-Time CFOs a Solid Bet for PR Firms

Mon, Sep. 12, 2016

By Rick Gould

Rick GouldChief financial officers are an integral component for brands and agency owners. For whatever reason, however, PR agencies often hold back from bringing one aboard.

Doing it the Right Way

Wed, Aug. 24, 2016

By Richard Goldstein

Richard GoldsteinThe steps necessary for a successful PR agency merger or acquisition, according to Rick Gould’s new book, which provides M&A tips and advice for PR agency owners.

Goodwill During the Sale of a PR Agency

Mon, Jun. 20, 2016

By Richard Goldstein

Richard GoldsteinThe most significant asset a PR agency has to sell in a merger/acquisition process is goodwill. (1 reader comment)

The Bolt-On Acquisition

Thu, Mar. 17, 2016

By Richard Goldstein

Richard GoldsteinThe owners of bolt-on acquisitions are usually looking to move the administrative and corporate management so they can focus on operations and customers. (1 reader comment)

From Billable Hours to Value Pricing

Thu, Feb. 25, 2016

By Richard Goldstein

Richard GoldsteinMany industry consultants are urging PR firms to dump billable hours and replace it with a fixed-pricing model, or even value pricing.