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Career Advice

Six Keys to 30 Years

Thu., Nov. 16, 2023

Tony Cashman

Tony CashmanFor anyone in PR, continuing to thrive after 30 years or more is a pretty substantial victory. For CashmanKatz, we credit our success to six key beliefs. 

A Labor Day Lesson Learned

Sat., Sep. 2, 2023

Bob Brody

Bob BrodyWith a looming recession on the doorstep in late 2007, senior managers at my agency met one morning to discuss the inevitable—layoffs at our firm.

Leap of Faith Into PR

Thu., Jul. 13, 2023

Ken Jacobs

Jonathan RosenJonathan Rosen freely admits he and partner Valerie Berlin weren't really thinking they were starting a PR firm back in 2005 when they formed BerlinRosen.

Maher Advises Women to 'Lean In'

Mon., Jun. 12, 2023

Ken Jacobs

Marina Maher"Grab every opportunity that's presented to you. When people see that you're open to opportunities, they'll offer you more," says Marina Maher, agency founder and chair of MMC and founder of OPRG's Institute for Women's Leadership.

Dream Big, But Be Realistic

Thu., May 18, 2023

Ken Jacobs

Olita Mills"Be impractical about what you can achieve and practical about how you get there," says Olita Mills, president of PR agency LaFORCE. Growing up, Mills learned from her father to dream big, but be realistic about the path. She credits this mantra for her career success.

PR Pros Must 'Just Say the Hard Thing'

Mon., Mar. 6, 2023

Ken Jacobs

Smart Talk: Public Relations Essentials All Pros Should KnowPR agency owner Melissa Vela-Williamson insists in her new book, Smart Talk: Public Relations Essentials All Pros Should Know, that PR pros offer ethical, straight forward counsel to avoid mistakes and confusion with clients.


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