Martin Sorrell
Martin Sorrell

Martin Sorrell today promised to return to the ad/PR business following last month's "extraction" from WPP in the aftermath of an internal probe into his personal conduct.

At the Techonomy conference in New York, Sorrell said leaving WPP provided him with a better perspective of the challenges faced by legacy agencies.

His plans to "start again" revolve around establishing a lean and more agile agency structure that is focused on data and content.

He does not have a "no-compete" arrangement with WPP, which he founded 33 years ago.

Sorrell, who has been warning of the threat to ad/PR by "frenemies" (Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon) for the past decade, said they are now discovering that they are responsible for the content that flows through their networks.

Sorrell's session was billed as, "The Global Economy, the Future of Media, and How to Think About Donald Trump."