Travelers are slowly beginning to feel more secure about heading out on trips, according to the latest MMGY Travel Safety Barometer, which was released on June 15.

The study asked respondents to rank how safe they felt various travel activities were on a scale of 0 (extremely unsafe) to 100 (extremely safe).

While the perceived level of safety remains fairly low across the board, there was a marked improvement from the May 8 edition of the report. Respondents overall gave domestic travel a 44 on the scale, up 29.4 percent from the 34 it received in the earlier survey.

International travel lagged behind, only racking up a score of 32, but that number still represents a 45 percent uptick from May’s rating of 22. Business travel was up 24 percent, going from 29 in May to 36 in June.

When asked how safe they felt getting to their travel destination would be, the level of confidence is once again rising slowly. While transportation, in general, pulled in a score of 60 (up from 56 in May), there was a big difference as regards the mode of transportation.

MMGY Travel Safety Barometer

Not surprisingly, the family car was seen as the safest way to travel, with a confidence score of 74. And while domestic flights (36) and rail travel (34) came in far behind, both were still up from the numbers they recorded in May.

The trust in the safety of lodgings is also on an upward path, going from 35 in May to 44 in the new survey.

But while trust in dining and entertainment overall rose from 33 to 43, the scores of individual options varied widely. Coming in at the top were going to a park (57) or the beach (50), followed by visiting a bar or restaurant (40).

On the whole, outdoor activities were preferred, with outdoor sporting events (38) outranking ones held indoors (30) and outdoor concerts/festivals (36) topping their indoor versions (28).

The perceived safety of cruises trails all other areas, but their reputation is nonetheless moving toward positive territory, up 39 percent from 18 to 25.

The Travel Safety Barometer survey is conducted monthly among 1,200 U.S. residents who have taken an overnight trip for either business or leisure in the past 12 months. The most recent survey was done on June 9.