Donald Trump is a failed US president because he thinks the essence of the job is public relations rather than being the CEO of the federal government, according to CNN analyst Fareed Zakaria.

The tweeter-in-chief never understood the core managerial role of the president, which is why the COVID-19 outbreak turned into a catastrophe.

The US Constitution purposely limited the power of the presidency vis-à-vis other governments.

That means that the president in times of crisis must gain support from federal agencies, members of Congress, governors, foreign leaders, media, private sector interests and the public to get things done.

During a time of national emergency, there must a heroic exertion of presidential power. The president must take charge, mobilize governmental resources and coordinate agencies.

Trump did none of that.

As the US death toll from COVID-19 crossed the 153,000 mark, the president logged his 283rd golfing trip of his term.

He visited the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, VA, on Aug. 1 as Congress and White House negotiators failed to iron out a COVID-19 relief package.

Rather than serving as federal CEO, Trump throws out half-baked ideas (e.g., travel ban, quack COVID-19 remedies, delaying the election) that immediately trigger chaos but then get slapped down by the courts, Congress or even sometimes walked back by Trump.

He wages war on his own people, such as Deborah Birx, the doctor who oversees the White House’s coronavirus response, after she warned of a new phase of the virus.

She told CNN on Aug. 2 that new outbreaks are “extraordinarily widespread” and said the death toll could hit 300K by the end of the year.

Trump tweeted Aug 3 that Birx’s statement was pathetic and accused her of taking marching orders from Nancy Pelosi. After all, COVID-19 is just going to disappear.

Zakaria said Trump’s “reality TV show” White House is no substitute for making sustainable progress against the COVID-19.

Rallies, tweets and magical thinking are not going to solve the national healthcare crisis.