O'Dwyer's Healthcare PR Magazine

The healthcare and medical sectors of the PR industry are not only in a state of constant transformation, they are also experiencing steady growth—with the promise of more to come.

The October issue of O’Dwyer’s will take a close look at the issues facing communicators who work with clients in these sectors.

Moving forward from the changes brought about the COVID pandemic, the issue will examine a healthcare and medical landscape where not only are questions of health inequities becoming ever more prominent, but the potential—and challenges—brought about by advances in technology are major factors shaping messaging in the field.

In addition to articles on these and other topics from a wide range of experts, the issue will also include a profile section in which firms can talk about what makes their healthcare or medical practice special—in their own words.

Last year 45 firms appeared in the profile section. Not only do profiles appear in our October print magazine, they can also be seen online. (View last October’s profile section)

Firms who want to appear in the section have until Thursday, Sept. 22 to submit a profile via our online form. The cost to run a profile is $250.

Profiles should include:

  • The name of your firm
  • Address, contact info and website link
  • A list of top execs
  • A brief (approximately 150-200 words) description of your firm and its services.

You can run a photo and caption to go with your profile (it would run both in print and online) for another $50. A video can be added online for $75.

Profiles can be submitted to associate editor Steve Barnes by email at [email protected].

Display advertisers in the issue receive a free profile and picture/video and are invited to submit a bylined article. Contact John O'Dwyer, [email protected], for details on taking out an ad.