BODEN Agency founder and CEO Natalie Boden initially wrote her new book, "Sasha's Big Question,” as a response to her children, who asked her why she works. "I thought, you know what? I'm going to develop a book, a story that moms can read to their children that answers the question, why do you work, mom?"

Boden says that the book shows young girls "you can work and you can be a mom, you can do both and you can do both beautifully." Proceeds from the book go to support Step Up, "an organization whose mission is to help young girls define what their vision of success is."

With National Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15 - Oct.15) almost here, Boden also talks about how understanding the views of the diverse segments of the Hispanic population in the US is a key part of making genuine, authentic connections with all of them.

"You can't Google your way to the insight of who Hispanics are in the US. You have to really look at your brand and think, what is compelling about my brand and how does it tie to the Hispanic community? And through that, build that insight and through that build a campaign that really resonates. And don't say, how am I going to reach Hispanics? Think about how am I going to reach a Latina mom, if you're a brand that targets moms or how do I reach Gen Z youth? If you're a youth brand, that's the way you should be thinking for Hispanic Heritage Month."

Boden also tells Simon that communicators looking to connect with Hispanic audiences need to go far beyond language barriers. "It's not about language. It's about culture. There's the lens of the traditions—whether it's music, whether it's food, whether it's sports. It's absolutely not about translating anything or not even trans creating work. It's about really doing something that's very specific to the segment."

She also discusses the specifics of marketing to English speakers in Hispanic audiences. "When we take a look at English language versus Spanish language, yes, we have to take a look at marketing them differently, but there's a lot more depth to it. So, look at those very precise nuances beyond language."

For PR firms looking to up their game when it comes to inclusivity, Boden says "It's not a creative initiative. It is a business imperative. You have to look at all your different segments. You have to invest in them. It's not checking the box. It's looking at it both internally and externally."

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