Joe Biden
President Joe Biden

Suck it up, kids. Joe Biden’s decision to skip the COP28 climate summit shows that he is tone-deaf to the fears of young Americans who consider tackling global warming a No. 1 priority.

He should head for Dubai ASAP. It’s a PR no-brainer.

The 81-year-old president has already lost ground among young Americans, who turned out for him in the 2020 election, because many of them now view him as too old to run for another term in office.

During the 2020 campaign, Biden promised to be a transitional president. By running again, he broke that promise.

Skipping COP28 will hasten Biden’s slide among those young voters, who will sit out the 2024 election.

That’s a self-inflicted wound. Biden is America’s greatest environmental president since Teddy Roosevelt.

His poorly named "Inflation Reduction Act” should really be called the “Supercharge Green Energy Development Act.”

The SGEDA has distributed billions of dollars to jump start alternate energy projects and power the shift to electric vehicles.

The COP28 session, in which the president could have forcefully advocated for cutting global emissions on a global stage, would have been Biden’s crowning achievement on the environment front.

It also would have reinforced his environmental credentials among young voters.

COP29, which kicks off Nov. 11, after the 2024 presidential elections, is too late for Joe.

He may be a lame duck by then.

A nation of charity skeptics… On “Giving Tuesday,” Brunswick Group released its “Global State of Philanthropy Survey,” which found that Americans are less positive about wealthy people giving money to charity than their counterparts in the UK, France and Germany

Young Americans (18-34) are more critical about the wealthy donating money than people in the 35-54 and 55+ age groups.

Brunswick Group “Global State of Philanthropy Survey”

Those negative about charitable giving are either skeptical about the groups receiving the cash or question the motives of the donors. “We have too many rich people that do not pay their fair share of taxes, they have many loopholes that they use to not pay their full share of taxes,” a survey respondent told Brunswick.

The “critical issues firm” recommends that philanthropists step up their PR around their charitable giving.

There is a need for more clarity on intentions, as well as actions when it comes to addressing pressing problems.

Brunswick says the messaging should incorporate the views of the charity partners and be mindful of targeting the communications to different markets and demographics.

“News” manufactured by Fox News… Correspondent Lucas Tomlinson asked president Biden during his Thanksgiving break in Nantucket whether he is too old to be president. “That’s stupid,” replied Biden.

Tomlinson then reported: “The oldest president in US history continues to face questions about his age, even here in Nantucket.”

He failed to tell viewers that he was the guy who asked the question. Not a shining moment for Lucas and Fox.