Joe HonickJoseph J. Honick

President Trump clearly demonstrated his disdain for traditional diplomacy during his recent Asian “lecture” tour.

Not only did he threaten key trade agreements, he treated major national leaders as if he is a schoolteacher and they are flunking class.

Trump looked like his chum, Vladimir Putin, who has so cemented control over the Russian government, The Economist magazine featured the Kremlin boss on its cover with the title “A Tsar is Born.”

If Trump had his druthers, he would be America's ambassador to everywhere, dispensing with the State Department--if he could figure out how to do so.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson carries Trump's water when saying his department is an “overly bloated” operation, and taking aggressive steps to rid the department of experienced professionals, which accelerates the loss of this country's standing around the world.

Before headlining Putin, The Economist ran two covers, one naming China’s Chairman Xi the most powerful leader in the world, the second worrying over American lost power and influence.

While Trump's consolidation of power rolls out, the US is consumed by sexual abuse scandals rocking Hollywood, media and Capitol Hill.

Trump's PR shills couldn't have dreamed up a better diversion, and indeed add fuel to the flames with the president's support of the despicable and alleged child predator Roy Moore of Alabama.

In the service of the commander-in-chief, those same wizards smear Special Counsel Robert Mueller in his probe of collusion with Russia, and distract the focus from the misery of Americans living in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands in the aftermath of the White House's hands-off response to the devastation wrought by Hurricane Maria.

As 2017 mercifully draws to a close, the world wonders what will come next from a president who has insulted his own intelligence services and appears intent on assuming virtually total authority over the US government as Putin, his mentor, has done.

When will we wake up to the clear and present danger posed by our out-of-control leader?


Joseph J. Honick is an international consultant to business and government and writes for many publications. He can be reached at [email protected]