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Wed., Dec. 7, 2016
SEO & PR Go Together; Crisis of Trust on Madison Ave.; Exxon's Failing PR Strategy
By Editorial Staff
Search Engine OptimizationDigital Mktg. It takes two to tango: why SEO is the left foot and PR the right (Media Update)

Adv. A crisis of trust on Madison Avenue (Bloomberg)

Crisis Exxon's failing PR strategy (Bloomberg)

Fake news The "post-truth" era (Ruder Finn)

Fake news Disinformation, not fake news, got Trump elected, and it is not stopping (The Intercept)

Trump Taiwan call is an opportunity, not a crisis (National Review)

Writing Tips for PR pros looking to produce more effective copy (Forbes)
Category: PR Links
Tue., Dec. 6, 2016
PR Firm Nixes Holiday Bash Because of Trump; Thanks to PR, Anything is Possible; Why Coming Jobs Crisis is Bigger Than You Think
By Editorial Staff
Holiday partyMerry Xmas PR firm cancels holiday party because of Trump win (NY Post)

Power of PR Thanks to public relations, Trump, CalExit and anything is possible (Forbes - Robert Wynne)

Air Force One Trump says Boeing's contract to build new plane for him should be canceled (Wash. Post)

Banking Trump seems like he's trying to restore pre-financial crisis inequities (CNBC)

Jobs Why the coming jobs crisis is bigger than you think (The Wharton School)

Fake News Confronting the risks of fake news (Patrick Hirigoyen)

Cyber-security New data shows that PR and IT teams should plan for cyberattacks (Chicago Business Journal)
Category: PR Links
Mon., Dec. 5, 2016
N.C Man Takes Bait of Fake News, Brings Gun to D.C. Pizza Place; Future of PR in the Fake News Era; NY Times Reporters' Tweets 'Over the Line'
By Editorial Staff
Washington Post story on pizzeria gunmanFake News N.C. man told police he went to D.C. pizza place with gun to investigate conspiracy theory (Wash. Post)

Fake News The future of PR in the fake news era (Ken Makovsky)

Media NY Times public editor says certain tweets by her paper's reporters are "over the line" (Business Insider)

Media UK PR pros give tough love to reporters (Digiday)

Prof. Dev. Five advantages of do-it-yourself PR (Forbes)

Adv. Ad-spending growth to slow significantly in 2017 (WSJ)
Category: PR Links
Fri., Dec. 2, 2016
Clinton, Trump Aides Duke it Out; Starbucks, eBay, Instagram Leaders Forecast PR's Future; Will Trump's PR Triumph at Carrier Mean the Democratic Party's Demise?
By Editorial Staff
Wash Post - Kellyanne ConwayMedia Shouting match erupts between Clinton and Trump aides at Harvard session (Wash. Post)

PR Industry Starbucks, eBay, Instagram leaders forecast what will drive PR, communications in 2017 (TheStreet)

Carrier Will Trump's PR triumph at Carrier mean the Democratic party's demise? (Common Dreams)

Pres. Election PR lessons from the presidential election for attorneys and communications pros (The Legal Intelligencer)

Economy Unemployment rate hits lowest level since 2008 financial crisis (Time)

Recount Trump supporters ask judge to stop Wisonsin presidential recount (La Crosse Tribune)
Category: PR Links
Thu., Dec. 1, 2016
Solving the Problem of Fake News; Impact of PRTech's Growth; Global FinTech PR Network Launched
By Editorial Staff
New Yorker article on solving the problem of fake newsMedia Solving the problem of fake news (The New Yorker)

Digital PRTech's growth could mean more integration with marketing technologies (Forbes)

Financial Tech Global FinTech PR network launched (B&T)

Trump Carrier deal is an empty PR stunt (Salon)

Crisis Breitbart takes aim at Kellogg in ad dispute (WSJ)

Content How to measure the success of content marketing (Prowly)

Prof. Dev. How to develop a successful PR strategy (Huffington Post)
Category: PR Links
Wed., Nov. 30, 2016
Trump's Deal With Carrier; Wisconsin Judge Pours Cold Water on Recount; Confessions of an Agency PR Pro
By Editorial Staff
Carrier air conditioning unitCarrier Here's what you really need to know about Trump's deal with the air conditioning unit maker (Mother Jones)

Recount Wisconsin judge just poured cold water all over Jill Stein's recount (IJR)

Prof. Dev. Confessions of an agency PR pro (Digiday)

PR Stategy Using Ridiculousness as a PR and marketing tactic (Forbes)

Social Media Ten mistakes that can ruin your brand's reputation (Huffington Post)
Category: PR Links
Tue., Nov. 29, 2016
NYC Mayor's PR Team Ghostwrites Politicians' Quotes; How Not To Be The Next CEO To Step In It; Trump is Like a Corporation in Crisis
By Editorial Staff
NY Post article on Mayor de BlasioCrisis Emails reveal NYC Mayor de Blasio's PR team was ghostwriting politicians' quotes (NY Post)

Media Training How not to be the next CEO to step in it (Crain's)

Trump Why the media should cover Trump like a corporation in crisis (Forbes)

Prof. Dev. Seven PR mistakes no one should ever make (Marketing Magazine)

PR Industry Ruder Finn's Bloomgarden talks about importance of India's PR market (Businessworld)

Trump Security, protests and traffic at Trump Tower dim sales at Tiffany's flagship Fifth Avenue store (WSJ)
Category: PR Links
Mon., Nov. 28, 2016
What Trump Presidency Means for Pharma Communicators; Where PR is Headed in Modern Era; Cyber Monday Works to Keep Its Crown
By Editorial Staff
Porter Novelli blog postHealthcare PR What the Trump presidency will mean for pharmaceutical communicators (Porter Novelli)

Prof. Dev. Where PR is headed in the modern era (Forbes)

Holiday shopping Cyber Monday works to keep its crown after blockbuster black Friday for online shopping (CNBC)

Prof. Dev. Experts give best PR tips to improve audience relationships (TeachMePR)

PR Fail Fish frozen in ice stunt horrifes skaters (SF Gate)

Digital Three ways corporate spies might be watching your business and how to stop them (AdWeek)

Politics Left's smear campaign against Trump's cabinet picks (Fox News)
Category: PR Links
Fri., Nov. 25, 2016
Russian Propaganda Helped Spread 'Fake News' During Election; Cut Useless Gov't Spending on PR & Adv; Want Success? Think Long-Term and Take Risks
By Editorial Staff
Washington Post fake news storyFake news Russian propaganda helped spread "fake news" during election (Wash. Post)

Gov. spending Note to Trump: Cut useless, unauthorized spending starting with PR and advertising (Forbes)

Corp. America Want success? Think long-term and take risks (Sir Martin Sorrell on LinkedIn)

Social media Top 5 social strategies that will make you thankful in 2017 (Rismedia)

Politics The Democrats' postmortem problem (The Week)

Marketing Why reputation resiliance is a modern marketing essential (MarketingTech)
Category: PR Links
Wed., Nov. 23, 2016
Bad PR Agencies Can Kill a Startup; Black Friday Campers Just a PR Stunt?; Journalism Faces 'Existential' Crisis
By Editorial Staff
Tech Crunch article on bad PR agencies killing startupsStartups Bad PR agencies can kill a startup before it has a chance to succeed (TechCrunch)

Black Friday Are people camping out in front of stores just a PR stunt? (Phoenix Business Journal)

Media Journalism faces an 'existential' crisis in Trump era says Amanpour (CNN)

First Son-in-Law Jared Kushner launches PR volunteer campaign for his properties in NYC's East Village (The Villager)

Branding Trust is the key to the brand management revolution (The Drum)

Overtime Judge suspends Obama administration regulation that would've made millions eligible for time-and-a-half overtime pay (NY Times)

Digial Amazon explores rights for live sports packages on Prime TV network (WSJ)
Category: PR Links
Tue., Nov. 22, 2016
Billionaires vs. the Press in Era of Trump; Google Search Results Can Lean Liberal; Thanksgiving Needs a Good PR Campaign
By Editorial Staff
New York Times Magazine - Billionaires vs. the Press in the Era of TrumpMedia Billionaires vs. the press in the era of Trump (NY Times Magazine)

Digital Google search results can lean liberal, study finds (WSJ)

Thanksgiving It needs a good PR campaign (Pilot Tribune)

Social Media Facebook may have finally successfully cloned Snapchat (Campaign US)

Social Media Keeping the digital mob from stealing your brand (Real Clear Markets)

Reputation Volkswagen bets on new tech to bounce back from dieselgate crisis (ABC News)
Category: PR Links
Mon., Nov. 21, 2016
Lessons Learned From Building a PR Biz; Did 2008 Financial Crisis Lead to Pres. Trump?; Awkward Election Talk Around Thanksgiving Table
By Editorial Staff
Forbes article on Bianca Caampued & Mallory BlairPR tips Lessons learned from building a PR biz on blood, sweat, tears and fish sticks (Forbes)

Finance Do we have the 2008 financial crisis to thank for the election of Donald Trump? (Bloomberg)

Happy Thanksgiving One nation, deeply divided, worried about going home for Thanksgiving (Wash. Post)

Crisis Election frustration generates heat for GrubHub CEO (WSJ)

Crisis Trudeau, APEC leaders vow pro-trade PR war (Mississauga News)

Reputation Federal judge looking at bogus libel law suits filed by reputation management companies (Techdirt)

Biz Warren Buffet's nine essential rules for running a business (CNBC)

Glass ceiling Three simple ways for women to get to the C-suite (Fortune)

PR tips Six ways to get your new business noticed (Startups)
Category: PR Links
Fri., Nov. 18, 2016
TrumpCup at Starbucks; Fake News and Our Cultural Crisis; Value of Lists
By Editorial Staff
TrumpCupTrumpCup President-elect supporters protest Starbucks with Trump's name (Fox News)

Media Fake news and our cultural crisis (National Review)

Branding The value of lists in your brand's PR strategy (Forbes)

Social Media Post-election media posts could haunt your online reputation (Huffington Post)

Reputation Six strategies when the sales figures are dismal (

Trump U. Trump agrees to $25M settlement in Trump University fraud cases (Wash. Post)
Category: PR Links
Thu., Nov. 17, 2016
What's in a Name?; Rebranding Steve Bannon; Wells Fargo Works on Rep
By Editorial Staff
The New Yorker - What's in a Name?Branding What's in a name? (The New Yorker)

Reputation Wells Fargo works on campaign to re-establish the faith of its customers and investors (CNBC)

Trump What does Jared Kushner really want? (Vanity Fair)

Social Media Why negative reviews don't have to be a bad thing (MarketingTech)

Finance Mr. Hedge Fund goes to Washington, looking for an ally in Trump (Bloomberg)

Branding Ivanka Trump's jewelry brand goes silent after mixing promos and political messaging (LA Times)

Social Media How to make people talk about your brand in social media (EIN)

Thanksgiving Four in five employers to offer paid four-day weekend (Bloomberg BNA)
Category: PR Links
Wed., Nov. 16, 2016
West Virginia Town Reels After Michelle Obama Rant; Snapchat Parent Files for $25B IPO; Embrace Your Quirks
By Editorial Staff
LGBTQ Nation websiteReputation West Virginia town reels after 'ape in heels' racist rant against Michelle Obama (LGBTQ Nation)

Social Media Snapchat parent files for $25 billion IPO (WSJ)

Career Embrace your quirks (Fortune)

Prof. Dev. Seven ways the term "PR" will evolve by 2020 (Forbes)

PR Fails The season's top PR turkeys (PR Fish Bowl)

Pres-elect Trump, New York Times war reignites over transition coverage (Fox News)

Trump's Cabinet Here are the people whose names have been floated (Wash. Post)

Prof. Dev. Why press release are still a viable PR technique (B2C)
Category: PR Links
Tue., Nov. 15, 2016
Facebook's Fake News Crisis Deepens; Megyn Kelly Dishes on Trump in New Memoir; Twitter Tries to Mute Hateful Conduct
By Editorial Staff
BBC website story on FacebookSocial Media Facebook's fake news crisis deepens (BBC)

Media Megyn Kelly dishes on Trump in her new memoir, Settle for More (USA Today)

Social Media Twitter updates tools for muting and reporting hateful conduct (WSJ)

Prof. Dev. Does the magic PR button exist? (MinuteHack)

Prof. Dev. How PR folks can win the budget war (Marketing Magazine)

Reputation The triumphant GOP is mired in crisis after crisis (Wash. Post)

Pres-elect Trump staff shake-up slows transition to near halt (NY Times)
Category: PR Links
Mon., Nov. 14, 2016
Aren't You That Awful PR Agency?; PR in a Post-Factual World; Picture of the Shy Trump Voter
By Editorial Staff
mUmBRELLA websiteSocial Media Aren't you that awful PR agency? (mUmBRELLA)

Media PR in a post-factual world (Forbes)

Politics A picture of the shy Trump voter (Breitbart)

Media Why the Wall Street Journal is cutting print sections (Nieman)

Prof. Dev. How PR pros can create powerful blog posts (PR Daily)

Reputation Rising executive pay is threatening big business reputation (Guardian)

Branding 10 unconventional ways to build your personal brand (Entrepreneur)
Category: PR Links
Fri., Nov. 11, 2016
Stop 'Reaching Out'; PR Guru Helps Startups; New Balance Sneakers are Burning
By Editorial Staff
MediaPost article - Stop reaching outMedia Message to PR people: stop "reaching out" to me, OK? (MediaPost)

Rep. Mgmt. Meet the famous guru who's helping startups battle bad press (TechCrunch)

Image People are burning their sneakers after New Balance showed support for Trump (Fortune)

Internal Comms. Tech CEOs address employees' feelings of unrest after Trump win (The Verge)

Prof. Dev. How to avoid the three common PR pitfalls agencies face (The Drum)

Pres-elect Donald Trump is the political equivalent of the financial crisis (American Conservative)

Rep. Mgmt. The role of digital in corporate reputation management (BusinessWorld)
Category: PR Links
Thu., Nov. 10, 2016
Nate Silver Blew it Bigly; Millennials Given Bad Rep in Workplace; Putin Reaches Out to Trump
By Editorial Staff
The Wrap - Nate Silver Blew it Bigly on Election NightPredictor-in-Chief Nate Silver blew it bigly on th election, can his brand recover? (The Wrap)

Millennials The generation born between 1980 and 2000 are wrongly given a bad rep in the workplace (Duquesne Duke)

Putin Russian President reaches out to Trump, calls for end to crisis in U.S.-Russian relations (NPR)

Obamacare Repealing and replacing it will be harder than it looks (Forbes)

Distraught Students Yale professor makes midterm optional for students distraught over Trump win (Fox News)

Suicide Hotlines First 24 hours of Trump's America have been full of fear (Wash. Post)
Category: PR Links
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