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Wed., Sep. 17, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 9-17-2014
By Greg Hazley
Measurement The spectre of AVE (PRable) 
Measurement PR measurement evolves (M. Eisenmann) 
PA Gridlock on the Beltway? Take a local detour (P. Pannett) 
Crisis NFL Sponsors rattle their sabers (P. Himler) 
Social Talking points for people who don't get social media as a news platform (M. Senak) 
Food/Bev Top 3 reasons craft brewers look east (P. Finkell) 
Refresher Arthur Page's seven principles (D. Bedell) 
Sponsors When to say when (S. Cody) 
Career 7 signs you've been at your job too long (S. Huntington) 
Image Multibillion-dollar hotel chain encourages you to tip its workers (NY Mag)
Category: PR Links
Tue., Sep. 16, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 9-16-2014
By Greg Hazley
Firms Advice to those who want to build a PR firm (G. Dietrich)
PR 101 
Escaping the journalist's delete button (F. Janssen)
Measurement Week: Richard Bagnall of Prime Research (BL) 
PR 101 Diary of a bull$hit explainer (G. Rubel) 
Amazon Case study: silence (J. Horton) 
B2B Getting coverage as B2B startup (A. Grinavich) 
Citizenship If you're not where millennials expect you to be, you're nowhere (P. Beucler) 
Talking Heads Talk isn't cheap as paid speakers make millions on their mouths (Bloomberg)
Category: PR Links
Mon., Sep. 15, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 9-15-2014
By Greg Hazley
Corporate Is your corporate narrative alive or dead? (A. Pedowitz) 
Measurement PR metrics are like apples for pie (C. Penn) 
Comment Enough already, about press releases are dead (D. Reich) 
NFL Goodell has ownership's support as long as sponsors stay(Bloomberg) 
PR Museum to hone image of PR profession (NY Times) 
PR 101 Why do-it-yourself PR is an urban legend (S. Pringle) 
TV Mixed social reactions to 'The View' premiere (LR)
Category: PR Links
Fri., Sep. 12, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 9-12-2014
By Greg Hazley
PR Fail CNBC writer gets pay-to-play pitch (CNBC) 
History Ex-White House press sec. tweets gripping 9/11 account(Time) 
Monitoring Fox News suffers major legal defeat to TVEyes (HR) 
Trends 3 reasons to kill influencer marketing (HBR) 
Food 3 forthcoming food trends you need to know about (J. Stas) 
List The 50 best PR people in tech in 2014 (BI) 
PA Vikings PA exec's home investigated for arson (KMSP) 
9/11 Here's what brands tweeted right before their 9/11 tributes(Consumerist)
Category: PR Links
Thu., Sep. 11, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 9-11-2014
By Greg Hazley
PR Newsweek writer responds to every single pitch for a week(Newsweek) 
Tech Apple Watch, Apple Pay and communicators (T. Sabourin) 
China Media outlet blackmailed over 100 companies (Xinhua) 
Higher Ed Free speech at Berkeley - so long as it's 'civil' (WSJ) 
Sports NFL should ditch the pink crap and recognize domestic violence instead (Jezebel) 
Int'l Russia and the menace of unreality (Atlantic) 
RFP Marketing svcs., Bahamas (PDF) 
RFP PR and creative, San Antonio (link)
Category: PR Links
Wed., Sep. 10, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 9-10-2014
By Greg Hazley
Crisis Ohio suburb may hire PR firm after police shooting (AP) 
Clients How we're responsible for the procurement trap - and how we can escape it (P. Sheahan) 
PR services Tough legal road for third-party providers (J. Cannon)
Net Neutrality Faux go-slow (The Economist) 
Narrative How to tell a good story: Somebody, wanted, but, so(D. Hopkins) 
Crisis Inside NFL's lobbyist draft drama (Politico) 
Crisis Pledging to shield the NFL's brand at all costs (NYT) 
PR 101 Now what? How to stay top-of-mind post-launch (A. Grinavich) 
Content Every content marketer needs an editor (HBR) 
Measurement Breaking down the Barcelona Principles (Cision) 
Fashion Why Bill Cunningham is the most interesting person at Fashion Week (HuffPost)
Category: PR Links
Tue., Sep. 9, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 9-09-2014
By Greg Hazley
Social DiGiorno uses domestic violence hashtag to sell pizza( 
Measurement Why your marketing metrics don't add up (HBR) 
Measurement What PR metrics you shouldn't measure (C. Penn) 
Launch Apple unveils Apple Watch, iPhone updates, mobile payment (recode) 
Internal Why Glassdoor is an excellent beacon for seeing (and improving) employee engagement (G. Grates) 
Brands Becoming a lifestyle brand, the Apple way (D. Lauer) 
Corporate Apple PR: 'You have to be able to control the journalist' (ValleyWag) 
Entertainment Counting on cannabis to build film buzz (NY Times) 
Media Can the news surive? (A. MacDougall)
Category: PR Links
Mon., Sep. 8, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 9-08-2014
By Greg Hazley
Retail In wake of Target, Home Depot tight with info on breach(Reuters) 
PA Obama: 'I should've anticipated the optics' of golf outing(NYDN)
Viral Why content goes viral on Instagram (L. Petrosky) 
Social Nissan tweets first royal baby ad seven minutes after news announced (CO) 
Retail Panera asks customers not to bring guns into its restaurants (HuffPost) 
PR 101 The art of the testimonial: How to gather, publicize and track (MW) 
Sports Ray Rice terminated by team, suspended by NFL (CNN)
Category: PR Links
Fri., Sep. 5, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 9-05-2014
By Greg Hazley
Comment PR peep show: I used to be a journalist … and now they hate me (@guardian)
Tech Farewell to eight years of BlogHer (J. Pepper) 
In Memorium Joan Rivers' London publicist remembers his client(Evening Standard) 
ISIS American may be key in ISIS social media blitz (ABC News)
Careers Finding your own way - career unclear (J. Lee) 
EconDev Tesla picks Nevada in battle for $5B battery factory (LA Times) 
PR 101 6 secrets to expo success (K. Mohring) 
Changes Lego closes in on Mattel to be top toymaker(Bloomberg) 
Media Reddit AMA with new 'Meet the Press' host Chuck Todd(Reddit)
Category: PR Links
Wed., Sep. 3, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 9-03-2014
By Greg Hazley
Int'l Why Russian Might Cancel its Contract with Ketchum(Streetwise) 
Connections Your social media policy & the nude celebrity photo scandal (K. Dugan) 
Crisis Centerplate CEO's ouster illustrates power of social media (Globe and Mail) 
Sports Dan Snyder takes to ESPN to defend Redskins name (Deadspin)
Social Tracking 10 healthcare beat reporters on Twitter (M. Senak) 
Measurement The top 5 metrics you're measuring incorrectly (Comscore) 
Profile This PR exec launched her second career raising millions for wounded veterans  (Time) 
PR 101 5 big mistakes entrepreneurs make with their PR efforts (Entrepreneur) 
Startups When, why and how to hire a PR firm ( 
PA Ex-Obama press sec calls ISIS comment 'winceable' moment (TR) 
Category: PR Links
Tue., Sep. 2, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 9-02-2014
By Greg Hazley
Corporate How Apple PR is organized (9to5Mac) 
Marketing Malaysian Airlines' disastrous 'Bucket List' promo(Time) 
Data 3 reasons why you should love data PR (K. Dugan) 
Content The campaign approach to content is killing brands (A. Hanson) 
Careers Don't be the kid on the bench who doesn't know Loom Bands (M. Gonzalez)
Pub Diplomacy Voice of America: A worthy mission for the 21st century (J. Burns) 
Data Tackling data to gather insight (V. Kaplan) 
Cartoon The NFL's PR playbook (NY Times) 
Tech Google rebrands 'Enterprise' as 'Google for Work' (BI) 
Int'l PR firm for Putin's Russia now walking a fine line (NY Times)
Category: PR Links
Fri., Aug. 29, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 8-29-2014
By Greg Hazley
Tools Twitter analytics demystified for PR (S. Waddington)
Tech Uber's biggest danger is its business model, not bad PR(Wired)
Tech Ralph Lauren unviles smart shirts at US Open (Yahoo) 
IR 101 What is investor relations? (C. Penn) 
Video PR 5 tips on video and marketing programs that are often overlooked (J. moran) 
Careers Are PR students ready for a changing industry? (J. Wheeler) 
Sports NFL commissioner admits he was wrong, tightens domestic violence penalties (NY Times) 
Stunts First NYC Denny's will serve $300 breakfast (NYDN) 
Tech iWatch arrives, Apple sets off frenzy with press invites(Forbes) 
Polls Many in poll see Sharpton as 'positive' (WSJ) 
Careers Send the elevator back down for the class of 2018 (R. Schwartz) 
Speaking 5 tips for off-the-cuff speaking (J. Coleman)
Category: PR Links
Thu., Aug. 28, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 8-28-2014
By Greg Hazley
PR 101 Five fast steps for reversing a social media PR crisis (T. Gable) 
Careers Tips for acing your next PR interview (A. Cicero) 
Obit Longtime Pittsburgh Steelers PR chief Ed Kiely(@PittsburghPG) 
Narratives Brand stories shouldn't always end with 'happily ever after' (J. Reynolds) 
Global 5 keys to global influencer analysis (B. Watts) 
Viral When the Ice Bucket Challenge becomes a promotional moment (NY times) 
Social 5 ways journalists actually use Twitter to source stories (Muck Rack)
Tools Twitter now shows you exactly how many people see your tweets - and it's mesmerizing (@businessinsider) 
Sports Credibility at stake for university-run media in USC situation (LA Times) 
PA Police lobby fights to keep gear (The Hill)
Category: PR Links
Wed., Aug. 27, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 8-27-2014
By Greg Hazley

Image McDonald's faces Millennial challenge, loses luster with youth (WSJ)
Gov't The gov't is getting into the fact-checking business (The Week)
Mideast 'You're next,' Israeli PR campaign warns west (Israel Today)
Politics Rick Perry was winning the PR war, then he went and did this (Wash Post)
Careers How important is industry experience? (T. Leffler)
Crisis Discovery yanks hit show 'Sons of Guns' as star faces child rape charges (TMZ)
Washington Are American Jews turning on AIPAC? (New Yorker)
Crisis Widespread outage strikes Time Warner Cable (USAT)
PA House probes Labor Dept. PR spending (Wash Post)
Crisis In wake of Ferguson, police try to build trust (AP)
Food/Bev Top 3 reasons you drink what you drink (R. Polster)
Crisis Spanish retailer yanks kids shirts that look like Holocaust uniforms (Gawker)
Tech Twitter CEO: Snapchat at $10B 'not absurd' (Marketwatch)
Mideast Not just Gaza: Netanyahu's image needs rebuilding, too (Haaretz)

Category: PR Links
Tue., Aug. 26, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 8-26-2014
By Greg Hazley
Advocacy NRA's sexist attack on female gun control group leader's PR experience (Gawker) 
Sports The NFL's looming PR disaster (G. Matusky) 
Corporate Is the Burger King-Tim Horton's deal about more than taxes? (New Yorker) 
Online 7 tips for an information-packed newsroom (R. Streder) 
Events Are trade shows still a good place for PR launches? (F. Strong) 
China How brands can tap China's unique social media culture (Ad Age) 
Names Florida developers change name of condo project named ISIS (NYDN) 
Viral DiCaprio, Damon tie other causes into Ice Bucket Challenge(Daily Mail) 
Entertainment Kardashians part ways with long-time publicist(IBIT)
Category: PR Links
Mon., Aug. 25, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 8-25-2014
By Greg Hazley
Worth Eye of the beholder (P. Gillott) 
Media A Fourth Estate no more (P. Himler) 
Crisis Ferguson teaches valuable lesson on crisis management (S. Adubato) 
Media Reporters, flacks and Americas future (Chicago Trib) 
Content Defining thought leadership in a business blog (L. Hoffman) 
Quiz Social media quiz: The hard answers (C. Penn) 
Tools 4 reasons why email campaigns fail (J. Poulos) 
Quote The difference between selling and marketing (F. Strong) 
Social Going (sort of) viral on social media (J. Licko)
Category: PR Links
Fri., Aug. 22, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 8-22-2014
By Greg Hazley
Strategy When activists get active, what should you do? (K. Fagan) 
Tactics Phone calls to reporters aren't dead (T. Carlson) 
PR 101 Why PR and media relations don't mean the same thing anymore (W. Marx) 
Viral The debate over the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (N. Tanenbaum) 
Content 6 questions to ask yourself before hitting 'post' or 'tweet'(G. Nuzzi) 
Crisis Why the race of the PR firm representing Ferguson matters(D. Devries) 
Biz Dev 5 things you really need to bring to a PR pitch (J. Wheeler) 
Small Biz Improving your PR (Without a PR firm) (NY Times) 
Corporate Amazon's awful war on words: How an iron-fisted PR strategy went off the rails (Salon) 
Media Twitter walks a fine line confronted with grisly images(WSJ)
Category: PR Links
Thu., Aug. 21, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 8-21-2014
By Greg Hazley
Tactics Newsjacking: You're doing it wrong (G. Laskoski) 
Longread The Witness - PR pro's job to witness executions takes its toll (Texas Monthly) 
Denial Have you tried the Rob Ford guide to crisis comms. yet? (S. Agrell) 
Corporate Cadillac considers moving some functions to Manhattan(Reuters) 
Tech Anonymous apps are the future (A. Hutchison) 
Tech 4 ways start-ups can build relationships with reporters (C. Kennedy) 
Media Tug of war b/t White House and journos in defining transparency (L. Hoffman)
Q&A Starting a PR firm (Cision)
Environmental Solar thermal plants have a PR problem - birds catching on fire (Esquire) 
Food/Bev Pizza Hut hopes new product PR will change trends (R. Torossian) 
Social Social Media Quiz: The Intermediate Answers (T. Sabourin) 
Int'l Foley murder was Islamic State masterclass in power of jihadi PR machine (Telegraph) 
RFP Clackamas County (Oregon) Tourism PR (PDF)
Category: PR Links
Wed., Aug. 20, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 8-20-2014
By Greg Hazley
Digital The new rules of digital culture (T. Hunt) 
Demos Tips for communicating with Millennials (R. Pritchard) 
Lists Top PR agencies for start-ups: 2014 edition (Agency Post) 
Content Fanta attempts to reach teens with Vine-based comedy series (Lost Remote)
Brands 'I Will' v 'Just Do It: The Under Armour success story (D. Aaker) 
Measurement Six measurement practices PR pros can borrow from marketers (FutureBuzz) 
Stunts 'Ice Bucket' latest in a lively line of stunts (D. Bedell) 
Viral 3 tactical elements that made the 'Ice Bucket Challenge' a viral success (S. Skerik) 
EconDev Why Massachusetts' plans for economic dev could (and should) blaze a trail for other states (Inc)
Category: PR Links
Tue., Aug. 19, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 8-19-2014
By Greg Hazley
Food/Bev McDonald's confronts its junk food image as sales flag(C. Choi) 
Crisis Waffling lands PR firm Edelman in hot water (Guardian) 
Crisis Barometer rising: Edelman PR and trust (S. Israel) 
PA The VA's unreachable press shop (The Blaze) 
Measurement Don't call it 'measurement,' and 5 more ways to find the money for it (K. Paine) 
Careers If I interview for a social media post at a PR firm, what should I read? (Quora) 
PR 101 Reputation Management 101: Don't attack competitors(BGPR) 
Media NY Post comes up with biggest troll read of the summer(Slate) 
Careers The apprentice route to communications (J. Genova) 
RFP City of Lexington (KY), PR consultants (link)
Category: PR Links
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