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Category: PR LinksReturn to Latest News
Fri., Apr. 24, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 4-24-2015
By Greg Hazley
Crisis Hillary and the virtues of boring damage control(@ericdezenhall) 
Image Mattel discontinues SeaWorld trainer Barbie, All SW merchandise (Consumerist)
Media Penn St researcher, team earn $1.95M grant to study feel-good news (Romenesko) 
Crisis Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams pulls products in listeria scare(WSJ) 
Data Our obsession with millennials (D. Pinkham) 
DC Former local PR gurus in Mayweather, Pacquiao corners(Wash Times) 
Entertainment Bullock's publicist strikes blow for actresses over 50 (N. McDonald) 
RFP Marketing and PR for The Cary (NC) Theater (PDF)
Category: PR Links
Thu., Apr. 23, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 4-23-2015
By Greg Hazley

Crisis The 6 As: A new model for apologies (H. Chavda) 
Careers Why the PR industry is sucking up Pulitzer winners (Wash Post) 
Strategy The basic principles of strategy haven't changed in 30 years (A. Campbell) 
Image Who are you calling a dizzy blonde? PRs hold a firm's rep in their hands (Guardian) 
Media Comcast plans to drop Time Warner cable deal (Bloomberg) 
Crisis Popeyes attempting to rectify pregnant manager's firing(KHOU)
PR 101 Eight of the worst news release mistakes (G. Dietrich) 
Fallout UVA official says Rolling Stone piece damaged her reputation (UPI) 
Entertainment Major musicians blast Tidal service (BI)

Media Press release of the day: Beagle to reform Ohio dog laws (Romenesko)

Category: PR Links
Wed., Apr. 22, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 4-22-2015
By Greg Hazley
Clients Breaking up is hard to do: Firing a client (C. Summers) 
Corporate Sony sends pre-emptive threat letter to journalists (C. Doctorow) 
SEO The urgency of mobile search engine optimization (Lewis) 
Careers Pulitzer winner explains why she left journalism for PR(CCP)
Clients Media relations remains #1 on client wish list (R. Culp) 
Tech Eric Schmidt on the three most important things Google is working on (BI) 
Presenting 7 things great speakers do (G. Matusky) 
Environment Earth Day 2015 (R. Bolton) 
Healthcare The regulation of search (M. Senak)
Category: PR Links
Tue., Apr. 21, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 4-21-2015
By Greg Hazley
Careers Pulitzer winner left journalism for PR so he could pay his rent (Gawker) 
Audience Marketing in the age of participation (M. Westgate) 
Crisis Managing the angry mob (M. Paterson) 
Education Game On - HigherEd gets serious about branding (C. Munson) 
Careers Land your firm job in PR with these 5 resume secrets (G. Chynoweth) 
Food Bird flu hits 5.3M Iowa chickens, Hormel says production hit (Star Trib) 
Travel Amazon launches hotel booking biz (Consumerist) 
Travel South Dakota pitch: 'You can die on Mars. Or you can live in South Dakota.' (SFBJ) 
Politics Hillary's PR team's new mantra (Politico) 
Media Training My heart is racing, I think I'm going to faint (J. Newman) 
Int'l An Israeli PR change is long overdue (R. Torossian) 
Int'l South Korea hires PR agency ahead of Abe DC speech (WSJ)
Category: PR Links
Mon., Apr. 20, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 4-20-2015
By Greg Hazley

Food Kraft to remove synthetic colors, preservatives from mac & cheese (Consumerist) 
Media 2015 Pulitzer Prize winners ( 
Social Oh shift! Brand takeaways from #LillyforTarget (E. Winston) 
Crisis BP steps up PR in Gulf (Guardian) 
SEO The Google algorithm is about to crush your content (L. Hoffman) 
PR 101 PR's new media model (E. Feldman) 
Media Police shooting video could cost news outlets thousands to play (Gawker) 
Obit Longtime Green Bay Packers PR director dies at 90 (Journal Sentinel) 
Travel PR campaign creates national buzz for Cincinnati (WKRC) 
Tech A vapid startup mistake: Hiring a PR firm (J. Greathouse)

Healthcare Elmo, US Surgeon General urge kids to get vaccinated (CBS News)

Category: PR Links
Fri., Apr. 17, 2015
PR Links of the Day - Apple names Dowling PR chief, To use or not to use press releases...
By Greg Hazley
Promotion Apple makes it official, Dowling is new PR chief(Macworld) 
Tools Press Releases: To use or not to use (A. Marcus) 
Health Keepin' it mobile: Health and fitness apps take over (K. Lesak-Greenberg) 
Media Training You've lost your audience - now what? (J. Newman) 
Corporate Why does Elon Musk do so many interviews? (Quora)
RFP Public awareness campaign for pikeminnow sport-reward program (link)
Events San Francisco board approves wild animal performance ban (Reuters) 
Media In defense of the 'worst job' of newspaper reporter (C. Cillizza) 
Measurement How David Rockland dumped his drink on Alicia Keys (Carma) 
Careers Asking for raise? 4 tips for PR pros (N. Halliwell) 
Content 5 paid media tips (Edelman Digital) 
Digital Google embraces mobile in planned search shakeup(Reuters)
Category: PR Links
Wed., Apr. 15, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 4-15-2015
By Greg Hazley
Agencies Are holding companies important in agency reviews? (M. McDonnell) 
Apologies PR guru’s Germanwings joke draws outrage (Mirror) 
Media Author of deleted Dove post resigns from BuzzFeed(Gawker) 
Food KIND bars versus the FDA (ABC News) 
Social Facebook and LinkedIn marketing: Comparing Apples to Apples (C. Patterson) 
PR 101 How to pitch National Geographic Traveler (DCI) 
Int'l Laughing at ISIS, literally (P. Thomas) 
Careers When searching for talented millennials, go unconventional (F. Cook) 
Sports Despite appearances, golf is fading (S. Cody) 
Tech The cities creating the most tech jobs (Forbes) 
RFP Tourism marketing, comms., and website management, social media (link)
Category: PR Links
Tue., Apr. 14, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 4-14-2015
By Greg Hazley
PR Opinion out, data in (C. Wolverton) 
Careers Newspaper report is the 'worst job of 2015' (Romenseko) 
Leadership The 15 diseases of leadership, according to Pope Francis (HBR) 
Food FDA to health food companies: 'Healthy' has an actual meaning (Consumerist) 
Media Training Rand Paul loses his wits and fails to connect (G. Matusky) 
Politics As candidates announce, attack ads follow (J. Wilson) 
PR 101 5 not so obvious do's and don'ts with bloggers (KWE)
Category: PR Links
Mon., Apr. 13, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 4-13-2014
By Greg Hazley

Tech Breaking the PR mold for the Apple Watch (S. Isakson)
Corporate Jack Welch on the vital role of the CCO (APS)
Logo Hillary's logo stinks. Here's what to do about it (D. Armano)
Logo Is Hillary's campaign logo as bad as everyone is saying?(Adweek)
Politics Social media launches first three presidential candidates(D. Scott)
Int'l ISIS advertises PR jobs (Independent)

Category: PR Links
Fri., Apr. 10, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 4-10-2015
By Greg Hazley
PA California farmers mount PR campaign to counter water backlash (Sac Bee) 
Online Amazon sues to block alleged fake reviews on its website(Reuters) 
Entertainment Mariah Carey hires new PR team after split with PMK (Page Six) 
Services Cision-Gorkana merger delayed (again) by regulators(PRNewser) 
Data How teens use social media & technology (Pew) 
Ethics BuzzFeed deletes post critical of advertiser Dove (Gawker)
Backlash Fired PR director says her comment was not racist(AJC) 
Media Nerd Prom: Film shows how cozy reporters are with White House (Wash. Exam.) 
Politics Library documents show revisions on Hillary Clinton's image, identity (WSJ) 
Launch Clinton campaign to kick off on Sunday (Bloomberg)
Category: PR Links
Wed., Apr. 8, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 4-08-2015
By Greg Hazley
Tech There's great news for Apple in negative Apple Watch reviews (Vox) 
Astroturf Who's behind the movement to sell off public lands?(AllGov) 
Social 5 key components you need to nail your content strategy(S. Meis) 
Entertainment At 92, Liz Smith tells all (Hollywood Reporter) 
Entertainment PMK publicist drops Mariah Carey (Page Six) 
PR Will native advertising eventually be PR's demise? (A. Hanson) 
Media Does sloppy journalism break the law? Sizing up frat suit against Rolling Stone? (WSJ)
Sports Longtime Atlanta Falcons PR man retires (AJC) 
Crisis Three basic crisis communication strategies (G. Baron) 
Internal How employee engagement is being obfuscated and marginalized (WCG) 
PR 101 10 top tips for successful SMTs (J. Claudio) 
Film PR pro finds her way to Cannes Festival (L. Hoffman) 
Discipline City PR chief fired after claim of racial comments at festival (AJC) 
Media ESPN failed to disclose commentator's relationship with fantasy site (HuffPost)
Local Meet the Olivia Popes of Columbus (CM)
Category: PR Links
Tue., Apr. 7, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 4-07-2015
By Greg Hazley

PA Indiana in need of repetitional management and new leadership (The Hill) 
Corporate Etsy IPO challenges company’s socially conscious image(MarketWatch)
Indiana Tourism officials must now fix the state’s image (IPM) 
Int'lObama reamps up lobbying campaign of Iran nuclear deal (AP)
Image Gov: Arkansas’ image helped by compromise on religion law (THV11)
Sports Despite image issues, NFL grew sponsorship revenues in 2014 (Ad Age)
Measurement Atlantic City’s marketing agency doesn’t look at media impressions (PBJ)
Presenting How to get your audience begging for more (J. Newman)

Category: PR Links
Mon., Apr. 6, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 4-06-2015
By Greg Hazley
Politics This woman's job is to recast Hillary Clinton's image (NY Times) 
Reaction Rolling Stone's 'Festering PR Problem' (P. Himler) 
Social Should marketers care about social media fan counts? (J. Bell) 
Infographic Measuring online PR effectiveness (GWU) 
Corporate McDonald's serves up reputation with fries (C. Komisarjevsky) 
Tech The key to storytelling for startups: Avoid the 'H' word (L. Hoffman) 
PR 101 Drowning in pitches: A private look at one blogger's inbox (R. Moore) 
Careers What I do as a TV news assignment editor (Lifehacker)
Category: PR Links
Fri., Apr. 3, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 4-03-2015
By Greg Hazley
Social CEOs face reputation pitfalls if they avoid social media(WSJ) 
Lobbying Ex-Congressman finds receptive audience on Azerbaijan(Wash Post) 
Sports Olympics bid needs a world-class PR save (Boston Globe) 
Internal Bill Gates' 40th anniversary letter to Microsoft employees(BI)
Tech 5 PR hacks for tech companies (Entrepreneur) 
PR 3 factors for deciding on PR vs. advertising (M. Rizzetta) 
Politics Sen. Menendez launches 'I stand with Bob' PR push (UPI) 
Buffalo State college newspaper's funding is frozen over April Fools' issue (Romensesko) 
Tech Meet the DC tech media (BW)
Int'l Iranians see victory, hope for new image in nuclear deal(WSJ) 
Marketing Depend undergarments tries on a sexy look (Ad Age) 
PA 1974 gov't doc shows how to make proper cocktail (Wash Post)
Category: PR Links
Thu., Apr. 2, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 4-02-2015
By Greg Hazley

Media Training Don’t forget to wear your socks (J. Newman)

PA Kean Univ. pulls back on hip-hop artist for commencement speaker (Record)

Media AP denies China’s claims it is partnering on social (AP)

Tools How to use Excel to present PR results (R. van Dongen)

Careers From PR to marketing: Why you should expand your skill set (A. Grinavich) 

Content Curating content: A few principles and tools to guide your efforts (G. Shuey)

Category: PR Links
Wed., Apr. 1, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 4-01-2015
By Greg Hazley
Measurement The new frontier: PR and advertising working together (A. Jeffrey) 
EconDev Lead with your weakest data point (A. Levine) 
Gossip PR mogul Richard Edelman splitting from wife of 28 years(NY Post) 
Infographic The differences b/t Meerkat and Periscope (M. Hay) 
Marketing Amazon’s marketing genius in debuting futuristic buttons before April Fools’ Day (Adweek) 
April 1 What is fake on the Internet today (Wash Post) 
Int'l Trends in media and comms. in the Middle East (A. Kasper) 
April 1 Thirtieth anniversary of Sports Illustrated’s Sidd Finch story (SI) 
Luxury Designer branded homes draw Miami home buyers (AP) 
Crisis Germanwings crash casts pall on Lufthansa anniversary (NY Times) 
Finance eBay SVP-comms. unloads $1.3M worth of stock (Octa) 
Politics Why a GOP gambit backfired in Indiana (New Yorker)
Category: PR Links
Mon., Mar. 30, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 3-30-2015
By Greg Hazley
Tools Four ways to use Meerkat for PR (A. Liberge) 
Apology Political PR pro apologizes for explosion site selfie (Daily Mail) 
Perspective What I learned from both journalism and PR (G. Rudawsky) 
PR 101 Editor to PR people: We're not publicists (Romenesko) 
Digital How a brand can use influencers to target a new niche (T. Weinberg) 
Stats Gun deaths poised to surpass auto deaths for first time in US (Atlantic) 
Autos Tesla to unveil something 'major,' not a car (Consumerist)
Autos Lincoln revives Continental for image boost (USA Today) 
Tech The Internet has been a colossal economic disappointment(HBR)
Category: PR Links
Fri., Mar. 27, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 3-27-2015
By Greg Hazley
Blunders Monsanto spokesman claims week killer is safe to drink but then refuses to drink it (@time) 
Tech Periscope vs Meerkat (Mashable) 
Tech Why Apple feels the need to defend Steve Jobs(Bloomberg) 
Marketing Hire a journalist to show your products in action (D. Scott) 
Gov Cigarette marketing tops $9B (FTC) 
PA The Indiana law that fell off the stupid tree (CNBC) 
PR Golden Age: How the PR industry is coming into its own(Entrepreneur) 
Corporate Amazon denies acquisition rumors (BI) 
Careers 6 signs you work in PR (N. Halliwell) 
Brands Willie Nelson to market marijuana (Consumerist) 
Sports Red Sox's Ortiz defends reputation in column (Yahoo)
Category: PR Links
Wed., Mar. 25, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 3-25-2015
By Greg Hazley
Media Have we confused viral with consequence? (G. Matusky) 
Politics 5 ways to end Hillary Clinton’s war on the media (R. Fournier) 
Media Facebook-hosted news can be good for both readers and journalism (Vox) 
Image Mark Holden wants you to love the Koch Bros (Yahoo) 
CSR Starbucks' #RaceTogether campaign and the shift toward pro-social brands (S. Cox)
PR 101 5 signs a site or blog isn't a good one to pitch (S. Payton) 
Slideshare 7 deadly sins of rebranding (DJ) 
RFP PR for Texas groundwater district (RFP)
Category: PR Links
Tue., Mar. 24, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 3-24-2015
By Greg Hazley
Corporate Starbucks 'Race Together' campaign and the upside of CEO activism (HBR) 
Corporate Comcast gets social to shake bad customer-service reputation (AP) 
Content Could your brand use a content hub? (L. Menchaca) 
Food China wants to overcome its poor food safety reputation(SCMP) 
Sports How brand sponsors maximize march madness (L. Llewellyn) 
Int'l Uganda paid US PR firm to 'clean up image' after anti-gay bill(Guardian)
Category: PR Links
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