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Category: PR LinksReturn to Latest News
Tue., Jul. 29, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 7-29-2014
By Greg Hazley
Crisis Paramount sparks outrage over poster for Ninja Turtles film set for 9/11 release (@MailOnline) 
PR Senate candidate's PR strategy leaks (AJC) 
Correspondence Yes, you can write business letters from the heart (L. Hoffman) 
Int'l Chinese authorities investigate Edelman unit (NY Times) 
Crisis Malaysia Airlines in brand overhaul after disasters(Telegraph) 
Media Cellphone sets fire to pillow, story sets fire to TV station website (Poynter) 
Content When journalism and brand management collide (L. Llewellyn) 
Content New survey shows readers don't trust 'sponsored Content' (L. Siegel) 
Mideast Israel's other war (New Yorker) 
RFP Marketing and public affairs; $150K, upstate NY (PDF)
Category: PR Links
Mon., Jul. 28, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 7-28-2014
By Greg Hazley
PR 101 PR lessons from 'House of Cards' (A. Lloyd) 
Sports NFL exec stumbles way through Ray Rice explanation(Deadspin) 
Tech Campaigning via hologram is coming to the US (BBW) 
PR Creativity & Cannes: Creativity in the PR industry (M. Quinn) 
PA Message-maven culture killing compromise in Washington (W. Potter) h
Book Reputation, not spin, the heart of PR (D. Bedell) 
Healthcare The 10 best New Yorker articles on healthcare (Vox)
Food/Bev The Coconut water street fight (NY Times) 
Marketing 5 ways CMOs can expand their influence and impact(M. McDonagh) 
Mideast How did Israel learn to spin its policies? From a GOP pollster (Alternet)
Category: PR Links
Fri., Jul. 25, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 7-25-2014
By Greg Hazley
Point Tech startups: You don't need PR (HBJ) 
Counterpoint Why tech startups need PR (HBJ) 
Int'l Russian newspaper issues front-page apology for Flight MH17(Atlantic Wire) 
PR 101 PR pro by day, blogger by night - best practices for influencer marketing (L. Zanzal)
Marketing 3 reasons brands are frightened by Hispanics (N. Fischer) 
Jobs 8 resources and 3 tips for PR job seekers (S. Burke) 
Tactics Traditional PR tactic gets jacked up (S. Baradell) 
Politics PR firm working for Republican Governors Assn implicated in Cuomo scandal (Breitbart) 
CSR Embedding CSR into the everyday (Interbrand) 
Media Ex-'60 Minutes' producer is no Hollywood hero(BloombergView)
Category: PR Links
Thu., Jul. 24, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 7-24-2014
By Greg Hazley
PA For White House interviews, it's never just one-on-one(Washington Post) 
Sports Toughest jobs in sports: Publicist for Alex Rodriguez(Yahoo) 
Legal Ex-director of comms. sues CEO for $75M over sexual harassment (NY Post) 
Sports NFL statement on Ray Rice suspension wants you to believe it came down hard on him (Deadspin) 
Mideast Why I flew to Israel (M. Bloomberg) 
RFP Ireland - Pr for Digital Hub Development Agency (link)
Category: PR Links
Tue., Jul. 22, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 7-22-2014
By Greg Hazley
Q&A Reinventing the CMO: Unilever's Keith Weed (HBR) 
Traffic PR maven totals her car on Hamptons highway (Page Six) 
Marketing Coke's World Cup ad blitz flops in Brazil (BBW) 
Finance Bill Ackman's big Herbalife reveal bombs with investors(Forbes) 
Social Small biz negative reviews are a gift; here's what to do (F. Strong)
Instagram Brands raising the bar and what we can learn from following (A. Anderson) 
FDA Developing a policy for correcting third party misinformation(M. Senak) 
Monitoring The checklist that will replace RFPs (E. Friedman) 
Careers PR advice to recent grads (G. Matusky) 
Case Study Carlsbad (CA) talent attraction campaign (DCI) 
Propaganda Russia: Perception v. Reality (J. Horton) 
Sports Dungy walks back remarks about Michael Sam (ESPN) 
Interns 5 tips for PR interns this summer (R. Laitala) 
Trolling Tech PR Dummies: PeepMe is 'new form of swagger'(Gawker)
Category: PR Links
Fri., Jul. 18, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 7-18-2014
By Greg Hazley
Gender Why do we treat PR like a pink ghetto? (NY Mag) 
Int'l Backlash against US PR firm hired to improve Nigeria's image(LA Times) 
Entertainment Tim McGraw's publicist plays down fan slap video(Hollywood) 
Propaganda 'Want some Klandy?' KKK launches nationwide push(Vice) 
Legal Two PR firms trip over the Foreign Agents Registration Act(NLR) 
Legal PR firm sued in Seattle (CNS) 
CSR God pledges $5K for cancer research (Onion) 
RFP Marketing, social media, comms. for YWCA of Greater Portland(link)
Category: PR Links
Thu., Jul. 17, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 7-17-2014
By Greg Hazley
PR 101 13 tips for writing and pitching op-ed stories (P. Opelbaum) 
Travel Top 8 digital influencers for travel (G. Pritchard) 
Content Strong storytelling in McDonald's supplier videos ... but do they work? (L. Hoffman) 
Publicity Meet the PR guru for 'hot convict,' 'Octomom,' others (Daily Beast)
Tech The next big thing for marketers (S. Corsi) 
PA Jay Carney cashes in (Politico) 
Content Responsive marketing in a real-time world (D. Armano) 
Marketing Lady Gaga is still schooling marketers (Forbes) 
Gov't FTC reaches out to Latinos with first 'fotonovela' (FTC) 
Sports MLB addresses criticism over All-Star Game (Deadspin) 
Corporate GM's Barra faces (another) Senate interrogation (BBW) 
Int'l Clinton warns Israel on isolating itself from world opinion (AFP)
Category: PR Links
Wed., Jul. 16, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 7-16-2014
By Greg Hazley

Commentary Trust me, PR is dead (R. Phillips)
Int'l Edelman discloses links to detained Chinese news anchor (WSJ)
Dissent Speakers group scraps name change after outcry (AN)
Tech 5 reasons you shouldn't automate your PR strategy (B. South)
Media Nikki Finke hoaxed by news tip (Page Six)
Firms How ReviveHealth keeps growing and growing (NBJ)
List Top 10 daily newspapers in Texas (Cision)
Sports Tampa Bay Bucs publish long-form journalism on new coach (Bucs)

Category: PR Links
Tue., Jul. 15, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 7-15-2014
By Greg Hazley
Crisis BET responds to criticism from journos and publicists(HuffPost) 
Rumors Vet Apple reporter says Jay Carney not in running for Apple PR gig (Loopinsight) 
Brands 10 brands that might disappear in 2015 (Consumerist) 
Profile Kara Swisher - Tech's most powerful snoop (New York Magazine) 
Comment Are PR people lazy? (M. Prosser) 
Social Why arguing on Twitter is so impossible (Vox) 
Viral Comcast 'embarrassed' by the service call making Internet rounds (NPR) 
Int'l US court partly overturns conviction of Al Qaeda publicist(Reuters) 
RFP PR, adv. and web design, VA Railway Express (PDF) 
RFP PR for Bozeman, MT (link) 
RFP Organize French press trip to The Maldives (link)
Category: PR Links
Mon., Jul. 14, 2014
PR Links of the Day
By Greg Hazley
Real-Time 5 pitfalls to avoid in real-time marketing (J. Anisfeld)
Real-Time How real-time marketing won the 2014 World Cup (D. Blank) 
Social Does social media influence purchasing decisions? (C. Penn)
Content The devil is in these 3 content marketing details (J. Bell) 
Case Study Combining paid, earned, shared and owned media (J. Poulos) 
Healthcare Attack ads may actually be benefiting Obamacare enrollment (W. Potter) 
Tech Google embraces the predictable (P. Oestreicher) 
PA US propaganda sons becomes unexpected hit in Central America (Breitbart)
RFP PR services for Denver Urban Renewal Authority (PDF)
Category: PR Links
Fri., Jul. 11, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 7-11-2014
By Greg Hazley
Gender Why women thrive in PR (and should they?) (M. Gielkens)
Activism LEGO rebuffs Greenpeace campaign video to ditch Shell(J. Wheeler) 
Trial Ventura publicist said bar fight story helped book sales(Pioneer Press) 
History Presenting the shadow of PR (H. Yaxley) 
Deals The stakeholders you need to close a big deal (P. Weinstein)
Entertainment 5 PR lessons we can learn from Lady Gaga (L. Wade)
PA Why Congress keeps ignoring its own budget law (S. Collender)
Category: PR Links
Thu., Jul. 10, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 7-10-2014
By Greg Hazley
Healthcare The other FDA guidance you should be paying attention to (J. Keller) 
Crime Former Tulsa CEO accused of molesting 8-year-old at Grand Lake restaurant (Grove Sun) 
Food Candymaker Mars names chief health officer (Ad Age) 
Corporate Wal-Mart calls for US-made products (Chicago Trib) 
Critics How to change the conversation about your brand through disruptive storytelling (T. Robbins) 
Media Lessons from journalists with the most Twitter followers(Muckrack) 
Media ABC News apologizes after making big Israel-Palestine error(HuffPost) 
Entertainment Kelly Cutrone shutters LA office (Racked) 
Politics (G. Mayers) Obama's 'walkabouts' — PR stunt or gamble?
Comeback Todd Akin returns to national stage (Politico)
Category: PR Links
Wed., Jul. 9, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 7-09-2014
By Greg Hazley
Media The Walmart-NY Times spat reveals a bigger PR trend (L. Hoffman) 
Journalism Media don't think robots can replace journos, check out this article written by a computer (BI) 
Definitions PR is relationship & communications marketing (R. Iliff) 
PR Top 7 bummers of summer in the PR world (R. Polster) 
Media If reporters tweeted what they were really doing(Romenesko)
Infographic Here's the biggest company in every state (Vox) 
Int'l Garth Brooks fiasco hurts Ireland's global reputation(Independent)
Category: PR Links
Tue., Jul. 8, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 7-08-2014
By Greg Hazley
Overview The 10 trends shaping the global ad business (M. Sorrell) 
Int'l PR offensive backfires in Nigeria and abroad (Reuters) 
Corporate Advice to CEOs: Don't turn your PR over to lawyers (G. Baron) 
Corporate Gender questions for female CEOs: Redux (R. Bolton) 
Crisis 4 steps for effective crisis media monitoring (R. Morton) 
Healthcare FDA press releases - what they say — first half 2014(M. Senak)
Jargon How it's used vs. what it really means (Feintuch) 
Brands The value of luxury poseurs (The New Yorker) 
RFP Writing and media reels for UNITAID (link)
Category: PR Links
Mon., Jun. 30, 2014
PR Links of the Day
By Greg Hazley
Entertainment Gwyneth Paltrow hires 'reputation coach' amid image woes (Independent) 
Social KLM tweet mocking Mexico causes fury (Guardian) 
Healthcare Chasing cool in h-care: When the industry embraces it, consumers will too (N. Diamant) 
Social 3 lessons brands can learn from Facebook manipulating consumers (K. Dugan) 
Corporate The evolving role of the board in reputation management (B. Wilks) 
Corporate Biggest threat to BNP Paribas could be its reputation(FT) 
Sports How the World Cup is like media relations (J. Burke) 
Comment Do we really want Google to be the arbiter of public interest? (R. Ball) 
Apology Mayor Ford offers public apology to Toronto (CTV)
Category: PR Links
Fri., Jun. 27, 2014
PR Links of the Day
By Greg Hazley
Discourse Rage against the outrage machine (The Atlantic) 
DigitalSearch engines give reputation problems a long shelf-life (M. Stone) 
Crisis Computer crash does IRS reputation more damage (M. Gerson) 
Tech Your new giant iPhone won't fit in your pants (Bloomberg) 
Viral Internet mugshot dreamboat reaches out to publicists(NYDN) 
PA The PR debate about global warming heats up (R. Wynne) 
Entertainment Frank Ocean fires publicist in advance of sophomore album (Buzzfeed) 
Taunts Sorrell taunt not 'witty,' Levy says (Campaign) 
EconDev Transforming five economic dev marketing tactics from 'blah' to 'ah-hah' (J. Robinson) 
PA Robbie (Gibbs), we hardly knew ye (D. Macaray)
Category: PR Links
Thu., Jun. 26, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 6-26-2014
By Greg Hazley
PR Companies write better the further they are from the US(HBR)
Trends A model that works: Content as a Service (M. Brito) Millennials The big shift business can't afford to miss (S. McLean) 
Social Federal college financial aid tweet offends some (ABC News)
Research A crash course in becoming an expert in your client's niche (A. Lawrence) 
Awards Thoughts from the Cannes PR jury (R. Wilson) 
Food/Bev Why it's becoming more tempting for chefs to leave NY(Grubstreet) 
Dest Marketing Creating winning World Cup marketing campaigns for destinations (G. Pritchard) 
World Cup Bite Me: An unfair reaction to Uruguay's Luis Suarez(D. Ioselevich) 
PR Services The 'magic' behind PR wire and web distribution revisited (J. Kintzler) 
PSAs World War I propaganda posters (Time)
Category: PR Links
Wed., Jun. 25, 2014
PR Links of the Day
By Greg Hazley

Writing Headline clickbait: PR science or PR fail? (K. Dugan)
Corporate Militants in Iraq are better on social media than most companies (P. Szoldra)
Social 3 social media no-no's for the global marketer (B. Shea)
Sports Hashflags, Twitter, Facebook and the global World Cup audience (D. Scott)
Fail PR person to reporter: Don't put your byline on our press releases that you've rewritten (Romenesko)
Crisis 'Redskins' is bad business (NY Times)
Crisis Activist group targets FedEx over Redskins name (USAT)
Measurement The value of PR beyond marketing ROI (C. Penn)
Content How can B2B marketing content compete with Kim Kardashian online? (C. Zeigler)
UK Judge rebukes British PM for comments on Coulson conviction (BBC)
List CNBC's best states for business (DCI)
RFP Marketing, comms. and PR vendors, UC Davis (link)

Category: PR Links
Tue., Jun. 24, 2014
PR Links of the Day
By Greg Hazley
Comment Social media is easier than PR (S. Bruce) 
UK PR boss feels brunt of pay revolt (Ev Standard) 
Hoax Girl kicked out of KFC for scars was a huge hoax (Gawker) 
Books 8 epic takeaways from 'Epic Content Marketing' (F. Strong) 
Crisis General Motors: Why euphemisms don't work (B. Jones) 
Corporate AT&T makes case for buying DirecTV with well-worn promises (BBW) 
British PM sorry he hired convicted hacking exec (Reuters) 
Finance Amid investor, political pressure, Walgreen faces domicile decision (Forbes) 
Tone True belief vs. longstanding convention (E. Lacy) 
Q&A Nashville PR pro Kirt Webster (PR) 
RFP Marketing for Univ. of Missouri MBA program (PDF) 
RFP PR for Weavers Guild of Minn. (link)
Category: PR Links
Fri., Jun. 20, 2014
PR Links of the Day
By Greg Hazley
Healthcare Key actions to take from FDA's social media draft guidance (E. O'Brien) 
Tech Is wearable tech an ethical nightmare for PR? (N. Hobson) 
PA Crowd-sourced 'lobbying' for five bucks (N. Heintz) 
Writing Is good writing a lost art for PR? (G. Myers) 
Tech Microsoft pay-to-play is not PR (J. Horton) 
App 10 creative ways to 'Yo' (BI) 
Media George Will: 'Indignation is the default position of certain people' (Wash Post) 
Interns How to make the most of your summer internship (CHT) 
World Cup Global ad spend expected to top $1.5B (BI) 
World Cup Choosing a winner in the brand battlefield (PCRT)Propaganda Iraqi TV ads aim to counter ISIS offensive (WSJ)
Category: PR Links
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