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Category: PR LinksReturn to Latest News
Thu., May 21, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 5-21-2015
By Greg Hazley
Tech The top 9 digital trends to know right now (M. Fouhy & A. Branch) 
IR How an investor awareness campaign can implicate securities laws (IR Mag) 
Criticism Things that make PR people cringe: DIY PR (InkPR) 
Finance How one wealth manager hired a PR firm (WSJ) 
Tools How SEO is quickly becoming a communications function(J. Licko) 
Stunts Freightliner pulls off record projection on Hoover Dam(BizBash)
Measurement Measuring PR is more than counting articles (D. Jones) 
Social Letterman felt he wasn't clicking with the Internet - and he was right (BI) 
Int'l Corporate sponsors, Amnesty Int'l question Qatar labor rights ahead of World Cup (Slate) 
Crisis 5 lessons for PR pros from NBC's 'The Blacklist' (K. Freberg) 
Content Top 50 PR, marketing and social media podcasters to follow (S. Miller)
Category: PR Links
Wed., May 20, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 5-20-2015
By Greg Hazley
Social Why men are retweeted more than women (Atlantic) 
Strategy The reason PR fails often goes back to before the storytelling (L. Hoffman) 
Politics Judge's order presents PR challenge for Clinton campaign(WSJ) 
Crisis How Amtrak failed the victims of train 188 (Brookings) 
Tech 7 Facebook events features coming this year and beyond(Mashable) 
Crisis Takata is not the biggest product recall in US history(Consumerist) 
EconDev 8 best practices for economic development case studies(P. Fairbrother) 
Int'l Netanyahu tightens grip on Israel's communications sector(Reuters) 
Tech Karma, the new online reputation meter (Gizmodo) 
Disclosure US government releases bin Laden trove, sans pornography (Wash Post)
Category: PR Links
Tue., May 19, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 5-19-2015
By Greg Hazley
Corporate What CEOs have learned about social media (L. Gaines-Ross) 
Content In a world of viral sameness, strike out on your own path (C. Thilk) 
Customers The perennial customer revolution (F. Strong) 
Food Chili's tweaks food to look better on Instagram(Bloomberg) 
Tactics Ditch the pitch - sort of (E. Winston) 
Image The leading reasons for company rebranding (DJ) 
PR 101 9 ways to bolster PR and media outreach (CIO) 
Measurement Measuring social impact: What gets measured(Carma) 
Media What our May grads learned and wish they'd learned (A. Chimbel) 
Infographic Meet the Centennials (SS) 
Events Raindrops kept falling on her head (J. Newman) 
Social The rise of the lifestream (A. Kirsch) 
Clothing Under Armour pulls 'Ballers' T-shirt that uses iconic Iwo Jima picture (@NYDailyNews) 
Think Tank Media must focus on policy not just politics(Brookings) 
Politics Karl Rove evades disclosure by saying 'I'm not a journalist' (MM) 
Tech Recipe for the ultimate tech bubble (M. Miller)
Category: PR Links
Fri., May 15, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 5-15-2015
By Greg Hazley
Tech Google's PR diaspora (Forbes) 
Content MLB to release weekly Snapchat stories from fans (LR) 
Healthcare A checkup for health communicators (K. Mohring) 
Video PR pro and Amtrak crash survivor 'angry' (CNN) 
Food Whole Foods' misguided play for Millennials (HBR) 
Sports Enough Spin: Here are Tom Brady's options (E. Dezenhall) 
Legal Publicist loses round in lawsuit over Broadway show's travails (NY Times) 
Media ABC News faces credibility crisis over Stephanopoulos donations to Clinton (USN&WR) 
Tech PR for startups: the who, when, why and how much (D. Hochman) 
Media Where's the media's ebola mea culpa? (MM) 
PR 101 How to make the job of journalist easier (D. King)
Category: PR Links
Wed., May 13, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 5-13-2015
By Greg Hazley
PR 101 Strategies to consider: Create news when there is none(L. Siegel) 
Client-Side The CMO's guide to agency procurement (Ad Age) 
Media Training Why things go wrong after the presentation coach leaves (J. Newman) 
Healthcare How hospitals are leveraging social media(iHealthBeat) 
Politics Scott Walker locks out press in Israel tour (Politico) 
Ukraine Taking the high road in the propaganda war (Foreign Policy) 
Crisis Iowa landowner claims he was offered prostitute by oil company rep (KCRG) 
Media Podcasting and the selling of public radio (The Awl) 
RFP PR, mktg. graphic des. for Louisiana's Capital Area Transit(PDF)
Category: PR Links
Tue., May 12, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 5-12-2015
By Greg Hazley
Corporate The best CMOs combine 4 leadership styles (HBR) 
Financial Why aren't more financial advisors on the big tube?(Financial Advisor) 
Healthcare Drug makers are having trouble improving their reputations (WSJ) 
Sports Hit to Brady's reputation could be worse than league discipline (NBC News) 
PR 101 10 to 20 to 30: An elevator pitch framework (M. Terlizzi) 
Tech Wearables galore - How to leverage them in daily PR work(A. Rosenthal) 
Reflection Five ways today's PR managers have it harder than I did (I. Lipner) 
Tech Google's self-driving car: Crash course in PR needed(Computerworld) 
Leadership 6 leadership lessons from running a PR agency(YEC/Forbes) 
Blogs How to get an in with the mommy blogging community(BW) 
Sports Bill Simmons speaks up and stands out (D. Ioselevich) 
Webinar Corporate social responsibility (GWU)
Category: PR Links
Mon., May 11, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 5-11-2015
By Greg Hazley
Legal Texas court denies Leach appeal of suit vs ESPN, PR firm(UB) 
Crisis Indiana tourism slogan could be victim of fallout over law(WNDU) 
Media Timing is just as important as the content itself (P. Gillott)
Tools 10 free (or cheap) tools that deliver extraordinary results for content development (L. Hoffman) 
Bloomberg's Halperin apologizes for Ted Cruz interview (Wash PosT) 
Crisis When bad reviews hit: Should you call legal or PR? (D. Saper)
Category: PR Links
Fri., May 8, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 5-08-2015
By Greg Hazley
Profile When the PR CEO and her son work, play and fire-walk together (Upstart) 
Pay Change the equation for PR compensation (D. Spong) 
Crisis Cavaliers: Domestic violence video was huge mistake(TMZ)
Int'l In propaganda war against ISIS, US tried to play by enemy's rules (Wash Post) 
Names More Start-ups choose names that explain what they do(S. Cody) 
Infographic 5 cases of PR done right (Entrepreneur) 
Stats Teens, older demos driving gains in smartphone penetration (comScore) 
Crisis Case study: After a crisis, who should take the fall?(HBR) 
Media Reporter goes undercover as Uber driver, debunks wage claims (Phil. City Paper) 
UK The City PR salutes fellow spinners (Evening Std) 
RFP PR counsel for Atlanta Housing Authority (link)
Category: PR Links
Thu., May 7, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 5-07-2015
By Greg Hazley
Campaigns Top 5 reasons most PR efforts fail (G. Draper) 
PR Beware of PRedators! (N. Yang)
PA Will media coverage matter in Baltimore trials? (E. Dezenhall)
Comment PR can't save a business the public no longer needs (J. Horton) 
Retail Whole Foods' new chain is admission of its pricey reputation (MW)
Crisis Lumber Liquidators pulls Chinese-made laminate from shelves (Times-Dispatch) 
Entertainment Power publicist slipped up on Cannes criticism email (NY Post) 
UK Media Ads attack Sun and Mail 'fear and smear' (Guardian) 
Sports The NFL's response to domestic violence is only making things worse (B. Petchesky) 
Ads 22 most out-of-the-box outdoor ads this year (BI)
Category: PR Links
Wed., May 6, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 5-06-2015
By Greg Hazley
Social Win the Internet or Lose Your Job: The life of a pro sports Twitter manager (Vice)
Healthcare Highly regulated, highly silent? (S. Golubchik) 
Infographic So you say you're a disruptor (GSG) 
Dark Side PR tactics used by industries with bad reputations (D. King) 
Content The reach, engagement and ROI of content marketing vs. native ads (K. Libert) 
Careers The do's and don'ts of applying for a PR internship (T. Barokas) 
Corporate BlackBerry CEO says company's reputation needs help(CBC) 
Sports Floyd Mayweather's publicist won't turn back on him(NYDN) 
Media Training Was that me you just introduced? (M. Lerch) 
Measurement How to engineer the perfect PR metric (J. Dougherty) 
Video The legacy of I.F. Stone (Knight Foundation)
Category: PR Links
Tue., May 5, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 5-05-2015
By Greg Hazley
Higher Ed Corinthian Colleges secretly funded DC think tanks, dark money efforts (Intercept) 
Food Panera CEO on push to banish artificial ingredients (AP) 
Food Panera: Better food or better PR? (Christian Science Monitor) 
Corporate Warren Buffett shows his Teddy Bear image has tough side (NY Times) 
Media Michael Powell says cable industry's reputation aided policy defeats (Variety) 
Projects Wyoming to spend $200K for PR for state capitol revamp (AP) 
Travel Kenya takes on its own worst enemy (M. Meyer)
Category: PR Links
Tue., Apr. 28, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 4-28-2015
By Greg Hazley
Tech What does wearable tech mean for marketers? (A. Blackburn) 
Comment Orioles COO's response to riots goes viral (USA Today) 
Careers 5 things that college didn't teach me about PR (S. Holmquist) 
Threats The poison of deception - and a simple technique to eradicate it (G. Grates) 
Strategy When is it TMI? (G. Baron) 
History PR pioneer Burson on New Coke: We got a hole-in-one after the ball hit the tree (Coca-Cola) 
Digital Case study in digital PR in women's health (DD) 
Roundtable Mixing with Chicago media (BW) 
Video PR's past, present and future by Sally Falkow (R. Illiff) 
Careers Why - and how - to hire young people without diplomas(Harvard Biz) 
Autos Cruising through auto show season (K. Patchett)
Category: PR Links
Mon., Apr. 27, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 4-27-2015
By Greg Hazley
Corporate Tesla hit by hackers on Twitter, media relations email accounts (Bloomberg) 
Social 50 companies that get Twitter - and 50 that don't(Harvard Biz) 
Higher Ed A high US News ranking doesn't mean a college is actually good (Vox)
IR 5 keys to communicating a compelling retail investment strategy (D. Calusdian) 
PR Add 'Bruce Jenner Cocktails' to the list of inappropriate PR pitches (R. Kessler) 
Food Chipotle scraps genetically altered food (NY Times) 
Sports Boston 2024 declines to divulge fees to PR firm (Boston Globe)
Sports Will people pay $100 to watch the fight of the century?(LR)
Category: PR Links
Fri., Apr. 24, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 4-24-2015
By Greg Hazley
Crisis Hillary and the virtues of boring damage control(@ericdezenhall) 
Image Mattel discontinues SeaWorld trainer Barbie, All SW merchandise (Consumerist)
Media Penn St researcher, team earn $1.95M grant to study feel-good news (Romenesko) 
Crisis Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams pulls products in listeria scare(WSJ) 
Data Our obsession with millennials (D. Pinkham) 
DC Former local PR gurus in Mayweather, Pacquiao corners(Wash Times) 
Entertainment Bullock's publicist strikes blow for actresses over 50 (N. McDonald) 
RFP Marketing and PR for The Cary (NC) Theater (PDF)
Category: PR Links
Thu., Apr. 23, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 4-23-2015
By Greg Hazley

Crisis The 6 As: A new model for apologies (H. Chavda) 
Careers Why the PR industry is sucking up Pulitzer winners (Wash Post) 
Strategy The basic principles of strategy haven't changed in 30 years (A. Campbell) 
Image Who are you calling a dizzy blonde? PRs hold a firm's rep in their hands (Guardian) 
Media Comcast plans to drop Time Warner cable deal (Bloomberg) 
Crisis Popeyes attempting to rectify pregnant manager's firing(KHOU)
PR 101 Eight of the worst news release mistakes (G. Dietrich) 
Fallout UVA official says Rolling Stone piece damaged her reputation (UPI) 
Entertainment Major musicians blast Tidal service (BI)

Media Press release of the day: Beagle to reform Ohio dog laws (Romenesko)

Category: PR Links
Wed., Apr. 22, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 4-22-2015
By Greg Hazley
Clients Breaking up is hard to do: Firing a client (C. Summers) 
Corporate Sony sends pre-emptive threat letter to journalists (C. Doctorow) 
SEO The urgency of mobile search engine optimization (Lewis) 
Careers Pulitzer winner explains why she left journalism for PR(CCP)
Clients Media relations remains #1 on client wish list (R. Culp) 
Tech Eric Schmidt on the three most important things Google is working on (BI) 
Presenting 7 things great speakers do (G. Matusky) 
Environment Earth Day 2015 (R. Bolton) 
Healthcare The regulation of search (M. Senak)
Category: PR Links
Tue., Apr. 21, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 4-21-2015
By Greg Hazley
Careers Pulitzer winner left journalism for PR so he could pay his rent (Gawker) 
Audience Marketing in the age of participation (M. Westgate) 
Crisis Managing the angry mob (M. Paterson) 
Education Game On - HigherEd gets serious about branding (C. Munson) 
Careers Land your firm job in PR with these 5 resume secrets (G. Chynoweth) 
Food Bird flu hits 5.3M Iowa chickens, Hormel says production hit (Star Trib) 
Travel Amazon launches hotel booking biz (Consumerist) 
Travel South Dakota pitch: 'You can die on Mars. Or you can live in South Dakota.' (SFBJ) 
Politics Hillary's PR team's new mantra (Politico) 
Media Training My heart is racing, I think I'm going to faint (J. Newman) 
Int'l An Israeli PR change is long overdue (R. Torossian) 
Int'l South Korea hires PR agency ahead of Abe DC speech (WSJ)
Category: PR Links
Mon., Apr. 20, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 4-20-2015
By Greg Hazley

Food Kraft to remove synthetic colors, preservatives from mac & cheese (Consumerist) 
Media 2015 Pulitzer Prize winners ( 
Social Oh shift! Brand takeaways from #LillyforTarget (E. Winston) 
Crisis BP steps up PR in Gulf (Guardian) 
SEO The Google algorithm is about to crush your content (L. Hoffman) 
PR 101 PR's new media model (E. Feldman) 
Media Police shooting video could cost news outlets thousands to play (Gawker) 
Obit Longtime Green Bay Packers PR director dies at 90 (Journal Sentinel) 
Travel PR campaign creates national buzz for Cincinnati (WKRC) 
Tech A vapid startup mistake: Hiring a PR firm (J. Greathouse)

Healthcare Elmo, US Surgeon General urge kids to get vaccinated (CBS News)

Category: PR Links
Fri., Apr. 17, 2015
PR Links of the Day - Apple names Dowling PR chief, To use or not to use press releases...
By Greg Hazley
Promotion Apple makes it official, Dowling is new PR chief(Macworld) 
Tools Press Releases: To use or not to use (A. Marcus) 
Health Keepin' it mobile: Health and fitness apps take over (K. Lesak-Greenberg) 
Media Training You've lost your audience - now what? (J. Newman) 
Corporate Why does Elon Musk do so many interviews? (Quora)
RFP Public awareness campaign for pikeminnow sport-reward program (link)
Events San Francisco board approves wild animal performance ban (Reuters) 
Media In defense of the 'worst job' of newspaper reporter (C. Cillizza) 
Measurement How David Rockland dumped his drink on Alicia Keys (Carma) 
Careers Asking for raise? 4 tips for PR pros (N. Halliwell) 
Content 5 paid media tips (Edelman Digital) 
Digital Google embraces mobile in planned search shakeup(Reuters)
Category: PR Links
Wed., Apr. 15, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 4-15-2015
By Greg Hazley
Agencies Are holding companies important in agency reviews? (M. McDonnell) 
Apologies PR guru’s Germanwings joke draws outrage (Mirror) 
Media Author of deleted Dove post resigns from BuzzFeed(Gawker) 
Food KIND bars versus the FDA (ABC News) 
Social Facebook and LinkedIn marketing: Comparing Apples to Apples (C. Patterson) 
PR 101 How to pitch National Geographic Traveler (DCI) 
Int'l Laughing at ISIS, literally (P. Thomas) 
Careers When searching for talented millennials, go unconventional (F. Cook) 
Sports Despite appearances, golf is fading (S. Cody) 
Tech The cities creating the most tech jobs (Forbes) 
RFP Tourism marketing, comms., and website management, social media (link)
Category: PR Links
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