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Category: PR CommentaryReturn to Latest News
Tue., Apr. 14, 2015
HRC Offers Indiana Way Out of Anti-Gay Law Mess
By Kevin McCauley
hrcIndiana Governor Mike Pence, once a rising star in the Republican party, has done great PR harm to the Hoosier State through his signing on its anti-gay discrimination law. There's an easy way out.
Category: PR Commentary
Mon., Apr. 6, 2015
Blog: New McDonald's CEO Deserves a Break
By Kevin McCauley
easterbrookMcDonald's offically ditched its legendary "You Deserve a Break Today" marketing theme in 2014. Slogan has relevance today for its new CEO.
Category: PR Commentary
Wed., Apr. 1, 2015
Blog: Personal privacy in a data-driven world
By Jon Gingerich
patriot actAmericans are growing increasingly wary of government intrusion into their private communications. What's needed to assuage Americans’ personal privacy fears is a bottom-up review of surveillance efforts.
Category: PR Commentary
Wed., Apr. 1, 2015
A PR Person Should Always Say...
By Arthur Solomon
solomonA honest and open relationship between client and PR firm executive is the key to open the door to bigger budgets and personal success. Here are some statements that every PR person should say to a client.
Category: PR Commentary
Tue., Mar. 31, 2015
Blog: Angie's List Serves as Model Corporate Citizen
By Kevin McCauley
Angie's ListKudos to Indianapolis-based Angie's List for its forceful response to Indiana's Orwellian-named Religious Freedom Restoration Act, anti-gay and lesbian law. Hoosier State now known for something more than love of basketball.
Category: PR Commentary
Mon., Mar. 30, 2015
Howie Schultz Goes Over the Cliff
By Fraser Seitel
seitelStarbucks' "Race Together" boondoggle ranks as one of the worst communications campaigns in modern history. It showcases the need for PR people to stand up to the whims of strong-headed CEOs.
Category: PR Commentary
Thu., Mar. 26, 2015
Bernays Remembered for his Life as 'Selfie'
By Kevin McCauley
bernaysThe entire life of Ed Bernays was a selfie, Stuart Ewen, said last night at a Baruch College event to mark the 20th anniversary year month of the death of the "father of PR" at 104.
Category: PR Commentary
Thu., Mar. 26, 2015
Whatever Happened to 'Consequences,' 'Red Lines'
By Joe Honick
honickThe White House's lack of a coherent policy and empty threats in the Middle East bolsters puts the region on the brink of disaster.
Category: PR Commentary
Tue., Mar. 10, 2015
PR Enjoys Best Growth in Years
By Kevin McCauley
O'Dwyer's PR Firm RankingsIt was a banner year for the PR business as the just-released 2015 O'Dwyer's ranking of PR firms shows the best growth in recent memory for the top 25 firms.
Category: PR Commentary
Fri., Mar. 6, 2015
Blog: Humility is New Green Among CEOs
By Kevin McCauley
ws"Humility is now the new green among CEOs," is one of the key takeaways from Weber Shandwick's "CEO Reputation Premium: Gaining Advantage in the Engagement Era" survey released March 6.
Category: PR Commentary
Fri., Feb. 20, 2015
Lawyers Belong on PR Crisis Team
By Arthur Solomon
arthur solomonLawyers should play an important role in constructing and controlling the strategy of a PR crisis team and decide what, when and how information to the media will be released.
Category: PR Commentary
Thu., Feb. 19, 2015
Blog: Jeb Forgets that Actions Speak Louder than Words
By Kevin McCauley
jeb bushJeb Bush promises to be own man, but relies on same foreign policy retreads used by his dad and brother that brought America the Persian Gulf War and disastrous follow-up.
Category: PR Commentary
Mon., Jan. 26, 2015
Trust Me, PR Is Dead Is Published
By Jack O'Dwyer

pr is deadFormer Edelman U.K. executive pens Trust Me, PR Is Dead, a 300-page book that attacks the idea that information can be "managed" and that institutions can "implant messages" in target audiences.

Category: PR Commentary
Fri., Oct. 17, 2014
Media Strike Fear
By Kevin Foley
Kevin FoleyWhen did America -- the greatest, richest, most militarily powerful nation mankind has ever known -- start quaking in our boots over a bunch of psychopaths dressed in black who butcher their helpless victims in the back of beyond?
Category: PR Commentary
Mon., Sep. 29, 2014
Blog: WPP Boss Sorrell Kicks off Advertising Week
By Kevin McCauley
martin sorrellWPP chief Martin Sorrell this morning kicked off the opening session of Advertising Week, the Sept. 29-Oct. 3 celebration of all things advertising.
Category: PR Commentary
Thu., Sep. 11, 2014
Blog: Who Was That Guy in the White House?
By Kevin McCauley
obamaWho was that guy in the White House last night? Did you see him? He was a strong, decisive, on-point fellow with a clear action plan to carry the fight to ISIS into Syria and beyond.
Category: PR Commentary
Wed., Sep. 10, 2014
Ray Rice: Cut the Back Some Slack
By Fraser Seitel
fraser seitelForgive me, but ... I’m with Ray Rice's former fiancé, now wife, who says the ones suffering most from the fallout of her husband's infamous video are her and her little daughter. Ironic, since she was the one abused.
Category: PR Commentary
Fri., Aug. 8, 2014
Blog: Inversions May Sour America's Love Affair with Big Biz
By Kevin McCauley
America's love affair with business is strong, according to the latest Public Affairs Council's pulse survey, but the relationship may sour due to corporate greed.
Category: PR Commentary
Thu., Jul. 31, 2014
Blog: Gaza Bloodbath Shines PR Light on UN Refugees
By Kevin McCauley
A bright PR spotlight on the bulging refugee camps of the Palestinians is one unexpected outcome of the latest bloodbath is Gaza. Israel's shelling of a United Nations-run school sheltering Palestinians on Wednesday turned on that beacon. It was the second attack on a UN facility.
Category: PR Commentary
Mon., Mar. 17, 2014
The Media of Public Relations: Paid v. Owned v. Earned
By Fraser Seitel
In the “old days” – before social media – public relations was aimed, essentially, at one thing; convincing a third party – usually a journalist – to report favorably on your client.
Category: PR Commentary
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