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Travel PR

Influencing Consumers to Travel 

Tue., Nov. 28, 2023

Dara Busch

Dara BuschAs inflation continues to impact spending, consumers are revisiting their list of what they’re willing to spend more of their money on. Luckily for those in the travel industry, experiences seem to be trending up on the “splurge” list. 

Preparing for the Unexpected

Mon., Jul. 24, 2023

Lauren Kaufman

Lauren KaufmanCatastrophes can strike travel destinations at any time. As communications leaders, we have an obligation to prepare for the unexpected and provide proactive strategies that protect our clients’ reputations as well as mitigate future crises.

Implementing the Ultimate Marketing Trifecta in Travel

Thu., Jul. 20, 2023

Laura Davidson

Laura DavidsonIn the world of travel, where Gen Z and Millennial travelers reign supreme, speaking directly to this demographic through the trifecta of traditional PR, influencer marketing and social media marketing is a powerful way to connect with consumers across multiple angles.

AI in Travel Public Relations, Friend or Foe?

Thu., Jul. 13, 2023

Amy Sedeņo

Amy SedenoThe PR industry is adopting and leveraging AI-powered tools in creative and exciting ways, but a human touch will always be essential in delivering the personalization and expertise required in any successful travel campaign.


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