Fenton Consulting has launched a billboard PSA campaign, urging motorists to get off the road and stay home in the national effort to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The messages include: "Hey you, behind the wheel"... COVID-19 does not discriminate. Be safe. Get home!" and "Forget toilet paper. You're not socializing anyway."

The effort broke in San Francisco, Chicago and Boston. The Fenton Consulting name and web address are prominently featured in the ads.

The San Francisco Bay area (Walnut Creek) shop views billboards as "the most effective offline medium in driving online activity."

Fenton founder and creative director David Fenton, a one-time New York stand-up comedian, said he wants to leverage the power of billboards to add a little levity to the fear factor of this new normal.

"If we are not afforded leadership out of Washington, we must keep calm and provide one another with hope in this time of crisis," he said. "I realized that we could I mean, people are in their cars. They're going to see these, no matter what. So, why not bring some humor and hope."