Reach Global Strategies, which will focus on advancing client issues among political leaders, policymakers, regulators, industry experts and opinion leaders, launches in Washington, D.C. The firm’s founding partners, Joshua Gilder, Anna Wellisz and Anneke E. Green have experience across publishing, academia and government. Gilder served as an editor of Saturday Review before joining the Reagan White House as a senior speechwriter. Wellisz was a Fulbright scholar, and taught writing and literature at UC Berkeley as well as working at Central Europe Trust, a London-based management firm advising Western companies on market entry strategy in Central and Eastern Europe. Green served as a member of president George W. Bush’s speechwriting team, headed up the commentary section of The Washington Times, and was a contributor for the BBC.


Clarity has dropped the “.pr” from its name of its digital properties, which will now be known as The company says the change reflects a significant shift in its focus, which has expanded to include media relations, corporate communications, paid, analytics, search and SEO following the integration of digital marketing agency 3WhiteHats in 2021. While CEO Sami McCabe notes that “we set out to be a PR agency for tech startups,” he adds that the change in the firm’s digital identity prompted the rebrand. “We chose ‘.global’ because it’s one of our three core company values, it embodies the mindset of our business and our teams, and because it signals the scale of our intentions.”

Jane Colocchia
Jane Colocchia

JC Communications, which works with clients in the travel, lifestyle and food industries, kicks off its First Annual Pro Bono Sustainability PR Competition. Agency founder Jane Coloccia received a Certification in Sustainable Business Strategy from Harvard Business School last year, which spurred her focus on companies dedicated to a sustainable future. The competition is open to companies which have a distinctive sustainability component to their product or service and use it as the primary selling point of their brand. A winner will be chosen based on such criteria as the sustainability angle of the product or service and the product or service's ability to elicit interest from the media. It will receive a free one-year public relations campaign providing positioning and brand story development, media materials, and ongoing story pitching and press release distribution. Entries will be open through May 1, and the winner will be announced on June 1 with the PR contract to begin on June 15 and run for one year.