ICR introduces its SPAC Liquidation Communications Services offering, which will providing SPAC sponsors with strategic advice and the necessary support to help them properly communicate with investors during the liquidation and de-listing of a SPAC. Having worked on more than 120 SPAC transactions since the start of 2021, ICR is positioned to advise those sponsors that choose to, or are unable to, execute a business combination in the current market environment. “Based on the combination of current market conditions and the very large number of SPACs seeking transactions, we recognize not every SPAC will consummate a merger,” said ICR partner Phil Denning. “Those SPACs that find themselves in this predicament must be aware that in addition to stock exchange notification requirements, there are other important communications details to consider when managing a SPAC liquidation and de-listing process.”


Klick Health launches Klick Brands, a health-centric brand and design offering; Studio K, an in-house broadcast and 360-degree production facility; and Klick Influence, an influencer marketing group. Klick Brands will work across creative design, brand strategy and medical strategy to better position brands to resonate with patients, caregivers and healthcare providers. Based in Klick’s downtown Toronto headquarters, Studio K will include a sound stage, edit suite, audio recording booth, talent green room and technical store. Klick Influence will provide clients with influencer outreach, negotiation, contracting and management, as well as content approvals, moderation and analytics. “Finding, managing and maintaining influencer relationships in healthcare takes specialized skills that you get from an influencer marketing team like Klick Influence, which works only in pharma,” said group director Thomas Engstrom.


PAN Communications unveils its PAN CyberPulse dashboard, a resource for real-time cybersecurity monitoring. Exclusively offered to PAN clients as part of the firm’s value-added data set, the dashboard provides a live view of cybersecurity topics across social and traditional media sources, serving as a first stop to trending data, along with the influencers and sources that are driving the conversations. “While CyberPulse will begin as a resource for our security brands, we are also excited to see how it can be better utilized as a tool to spark engaging narratives,” said PAN vice president of cybersecurity Dave Bowker. “We look forward to putting this resource into action to deliver the intelligence and insights that drive new levels of strategic visibility and thought leadership across this evolving industry.”