Say Their Names

Finn Partners has partnered with the San Diego African American Museum of Fine Art to promote the "Say Their Names Memorial" augmented reality exhibition to honor the victims of racial injustice in the US.

The AR experience combines digital photography, technology and art to enable visitors via smartphones and other devices to learn about the lives of people such as Amadou Diallo, George Floyd, Malcolm X, Eric Garner and Breonna Taylor.

The exhibit is virtually sited on Manhattan's West 86th St, the site of the historic Seneca Village.

Until it was demolished in 1857 to pave the way for Central Park, Seneca Village was one of the largest Black settlements in the US.

"Say Their Names NYC" will be on view through Oct. 17 before going on a national tour.

Helen Shelton, Finn Partners' global chief diversity officer, said the memorial "honors the countless African Americans who have lost their lives to racism over the past two centuries and more."

Her firm supports "initiatives that can spark dialogue and drive action in every city and community in which we do business around the world."