Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan

Michael Vaughan has resigned his job as chief of communications for New York City’s Board of Education.

He joined the DOE in August 2022 from Denver, where he was chief communications officer for its public school system for seven years in two separate stints.

Vaughan also worked for 13 years at Chicago’s public school system, leaving as director of communications.

The NYC’s DOE suffered a series of PR mishaps of late, including the early release of the 2023-24 school calendar before reaching an agreement with the powerful United Federation of Teachers union, according to the New York Post.

There also was a media dust-up about mayor Eric Adams’ plan to house migrants in school gyms.

That controversial plan triggered a parental uprising and ultimate retreat by Adams. The mayor is now working on a plan to house migrants in empty schools during summer recess.

Vaughan is leaving the NYC DOE because he doesn’t feel as if he is on the "same page for everything” with chancellor David Banks, which he says is vital for when working a high-stress job.