Todd Murphy
Todd Murphy

Universal Information Services has introduced what it says is the world’s first press clipping service enhanced with artificial intelligence.

The platform, Alpha Clips, was unveiled today by UIS VP Todd Murphy at the 49th World Media Intelligence Congress in Berlin.

“We are excited to offer this new, innovative approach to finding, formatting, clustering, and delivering news coverage,” Murphy said at the event. “Alpha Clips is based on the article origins of stories, summarizing articles that would commonly be shared across social networks and online.”

Alpha Clips

The Alpha Clip system uses the conventions and formatting of journalism to shorten the length of a story through summarization, while also providing click-through access to the original, full-text content and images from a publisher. The artificial intelligence component of the system extracts key elements of a story. For instance, it knows the importance of a headline and that the first paragraph contains more key elements than subsequent paragraphs.

UIS says the system will offer PR professionals a range of benefits that includes faster access to breaking news across all platforms, streamlined reading time, and immediate sharing within a client’s organizational family.

Alpha Clips will be available to a few clients beginning October 22. A complete nationwide rollout is scheduled for Nov. 1.