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Last Updated: Mon., Jul. 16, 2018 @ 4:52 pm

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Daddi Dances to Samba Beat

Fri, Jul. 6, 2018

By Kevin McCauley

Samba TVDaddi Brand Communications represents Samba TV, which was featured in a lengthy July 5 front-page New York Times story about privacy and data concerns presented by smart TVs.

Weber Returns to Racepoint Global's Helm

Thu, Jul. 5, 2018

By Kevin McCauley

Larry WeberTech guru Larry Weber, founder/chairman of Racepoint Global, is returning to the helm following the surprise resignation of CEO Peter Prodromou. (1 reader comment)

SV&C Reps Rambus as it Fires CEO

Fri, Jun. 29, 2018

By Kevin McCauley

Ron BlackSard Verbinnen & Co. represents technology licensing company Rambus Inc., which has fired its CEO Ron Black for conduct that "fell short of the company's standards." (1 reader comment)

IBM Taps ABB's Das for CorpComm Slot

Tue, Jun. 26, 2018

By Kevin McCauley

Saswato DasIBM has recruited Saswato Das for the VP-corporate communications post effective mid-August. He will join from Zurich-based ABB Group, automation tech giant.

Top Twitter, Facebook PR Pros Exit

Fri, Jun. 15, 2018

By Steve Barnes

Kristin BinnsKristin Binns, Twitter’s head of corporate communications, is heading to Activision Blizzard. Elliot Schrage, Facebook’s VP of communications and public policy and leader of the company’s response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, is stepping down.

Bikeshare Startups Cause Government, Public Outcry

Fri, Jun. 8, 2018

By Nick Horowitz and Richard Chang

Nick Horowitz and Richard ChangThough initially a great idea, the dockless bikes and scooters that have taken over our metropolitan areas lack the consideration of real-world consequences and reactions from the public. The debate surrounding these programs provides a microcosm view into the struggles facing Silicon Valley, and why tech firms must make it a priority to understand how their innovations will be received.

How Agencies Can Ride the Continuing Tech Wave

Wed, May 23, 2018

By Steve Barnes

Tech PR execsWith consumers, products and services transforming at lightning speed, PR professionals must adapt to new ways of addressing audiences as well as understand the brave new world that the tech marketplace has become.

5G: Are We Asking the Right Questions?

Mon, May 21, 2018

By Peter Prodromou and RJ Bardsley

Peter and RJAdvances in 5G technologies could alter the very fabric of innovation, yet a significant distance remains between the hype surrounding 5G and the technical, financial and political challenges facing the technology.

FY(A)I: Shaping Opinions Around New Technologies

Mon, May 7, 2018

By Lindsay Murphy

Lindsay MurphyAs Artificial Intelligence’s role becomes more embedded in our day-to-day, discussions surrounding privacy, data collection and other automation concerns will undoubtedly arise, and brands should be prepared to challenge these fears and position themselves as leaders in shaping the AI debate before negative perceptions take hold.

Kerauno Calls Finn Partners AOR

Mon, May 7, 2018

By Jon Gingerich

KeraunoCommunications workflow platform Kerauno LLC has retained Finn Partners as its agency of record.

Three Things Every PR Pro Should Know About AR, VR

Wed, Apr. 25, 2018

By Katy Hendricks

Katy HendricksAugmented Reality and Virtual Reality have been surrounded by significant hype, both open an array of opportunities for brands, particularly in the travel, tourism, training and retail industries.

Edelman's Anderson-Brooke Takes Tech Post at WS

Thu, Apr. 5, 2018

By Kevin McCauley

Lee Anderson-BrookeLee Anderson-Brooke, who headed Edelman’s Bay Area technology practice, joined Weber Shandwick in February as executive VP/West Coast lead, technology & corporate.

Clabo Leaves Top HPE Post

Tue, Mar. 27, 2018

By Kevin McCauley

Howard ClaboHoward Clabo, senior VP-global communications at Hewlett-Packard Enterprises, is leaving his job next month to start his own firm.

BCaster Unveils AI-Powered App

Thu, Mar. 15, 2018

By Steve Barnes

BCasterFinland's BCaster unveils artifical intelligence-powered mobile app that opens new ways for media and brands to connect with user-generated video.

Highwire Scoops Up Inner Circle Labs

Wed, Jan. 3, 2018

By Steve Barnes

Emily BordersHighwire PR has acquired Inner Circle Labs, a firm that focuses on cutting-edge technologies in robotics, artificial intelligence and connected consumer.

Sitrick Reps Silicon Valley Heavyweight Rubin

Tue, Dec. 5, 2017

By Kevin McCauley

Andy RubinSitrick & Co. represents Andy Rubin, one of Silicon Valley's top technologists, who has taken a leave of absence from his smartphone company Essential following a report that he had an inappropriate relationship while at Google. (1 reader comment)

Macro Trends Affecting the Future of Work and IT

Tue, Dec. 5, 2017

By RJ Bardsley

RJ BardsleyIn a world of mobile phones, digital assistants, cloud computing and IoT devices, it’s difficult to analyze how technology is changing the workplace today without recognizing how technology spanning the rest of our lives has also evolved.

Five Common Mistakes in Tech PR

Thu, Nov. 30, 2017

By Aaron Strout

Aaron Strout Agencies and PR practitioners regularly engage in a number of everyday, subtle behaviors that could cost their tech clients valuable relationships and relevance with key stakeholders. (1 reader comment)

An Integrated Approach to Company Storytelling

Wed, Nov. 29, 2017

By Sanjay Kulkarni

Sanjay KulkarniAs technology continues to evolve through a global media landscape, more opinions and perspectives are being amplified than ever before. Within this new media reality, however, companies are finding it increasingly challenging to cut through the cacophony of voices in order to tell effective brand stories and campaign narratives in an effective manner.

AR Isnít Technology for Technologyís Sake

Tue, Nov. 28, 2017

By Jeremy Lerner and Deborah Brown

Jeremy Lerner and Deborah BrownThe rise of Augmented Reality underscores how companies can embrace new technologies while paying attention to the ways in which these advancements will provide solutions and actually benefit their audiences.